HANA-on-Cloud Webinar – Recording


HANA-on-Cloud Webinar – Recording

Just so you know what you’re investing your time on, here’s the crux of it all:

SAP HANA customers now have the ability to experience all the benefits of HANA while utilizing the agility, cost savings, security, and reliability offered by cloud computing. Various SAP certified cloud providers are offering a comprehensive, end-to-end portfolio of cloud computing services to help manage the most demanding HANA applications by reducing costs, scaling to meet demand, and increasing the speed of innovation.

In the live Webinar, Veera Kondapi, (SAP Enterprise Architect   Certified HANA Technology Specialist) analyzed and evaluated for enthusiasts like you the various cloud hosting options for HANA.

The agenda:

  • Cloud Terminology
  • Public Vs Private
  • Then, why HANA on Cloud
  • The various options for HANA on Cloud (HEC, AWS, Azure, etc.)

Hope you’ll enjoy and like it as much as we did presenting the subject which one of our key specialty areas. You can always write in to us with your queries regarding the topic of discussion – our experts will only be glad to help you with clarifications / explanations.


SAP S/4 HANA implementation for improved organizational efficiency and bottom line


We helped our Virginia-based client from the food industry with operations across two continents (North America & Europe) and revenues of about $14 Bn, in implementating Simple Finance along with SAP S/4 HANA, which transformed the client’s financial operations and helped improve its bottom-line.

client’s financial operations

Business Challenges:
The client was facing many operational challenges such as,

  • The legacy systems’ printers had highly complex setup. It was a challenge to migrate them to the latest SAP Landscape.
  • The client’s existing version of Application and Product Life Cycle Management [Solution Manager 7.1], was of a lower version with many limitations like less focus on the business processes besides many challenges in document management, solution documentation and change request management.
  • In the newly implemented Simple Finance system, client had issues in generating business-specific Simple Finance reports.

We strategized and delivered a multi-pronged solution encompassing Simple Finance (with SAP S/4 HANA), third party tax system implementation along with various SAP components besides migration of legacy apparatus onto the SAP landscape.

  • Implemented third party tax system named BSI Tax factory for the existing 3-Tier SAP Landscape
  • Successfully migrated the legacy system printers onto the SAP Landscape
  • Implemented various SAP components in the landscape including : SAP Enterprise Core Components (ECC) Change Management, ETL (SAP BW), Reporting and Analytics (BOBJ), Integration middleware (SAP PO), Enterprise Portal, NWGW, GRC, Web Dispatcher, SolMan, and SC Optimizer

Further, as a trusted service integrator, we worked with SAP to get the ZTROY, Z* scripts to install various printers on the entire SAP landscape that helped client with the ability to print at all locations.
We also upgraded the existing application life-cycle management [Solution Manager 7.1] to next version i.e. Solution Manager 7.2 with the following enhanced features:

  • It is more business process oriented
  • Simplified document management that is decoupled from landscape management
  • Many richly enhanced features in Solution Documentation & Change Request Management

Finally, we worked on the Simple Finance reports related issues by performing troubleshooting at the application and HANA DB level; traced the user activity and identified the bugs, and applied the required support packs and patches to overcome the issues.

Client was able to get the best of SFIN implementation with the following benefits:

  • Data Model is made very simple
  • Instant access to any financial insight on any device


  • All aggregate and index tables are removed and are calculated on the fly
  • Data foot print is reduced drastically


  • Single platform for OLAP and OLTP applications
  • Reduces the application footpring and the TCO


Universal Journals in Simple Finance:

  • With Simple Finance, Universal Journal acts as the single source of truth for both FI and CO postings
  • It significantly reduced memory footprint
  • Harmonized internal and external reporting
  • Reporting is not limited by application boundaries


  • Financial Reporting and Analytics simplified with Universal Journals in S/4HANA Simple Finance


For more details on how we can help you, do contact us. We are just a call away 925-271-2713 X 102. You can also write in to us at for a demo or a free consultation

-Veera Kondapi
Director – IT COE and Solutions


Log retentions management

About Client

A global full-service, therapeutically focused, clinical research organization (CRO) headquartered in Raleigh (NC) running operations across six continents in more than 110 countries was helped in building a security analytics solution called “Secure Logs” using the latest Apache Metron – that ties big-data into security analytics.


Client was facing a host of issues ranging from monitoring the access & activity logs in real-time (more than two dozen servers with about 24000 users accessing them) and scaling the infrastructure to meet the requirement, to business unit heads (who are invariably non-technical / non-networking guys) wanting to see what was happening and how secure the infrastructure was.

Solution Delivered:

MSRCosmos designed a solution that was developed in four weeks flat (excluding the requirements gathering & solution discovery phase).Employing some of the modern technology platforms that suited the requirements was key.


Solution Architecture

Technologies employed:

1. Apache Metron (Beta 2) – Integrate Kafka, Storm, Elastic Search, etc., with in-built features to separate the data
2. Apache Kafka – Stream processing / handling real-time data feeds
3. Apache Storm – Filtering / Distributed Processing
4. Elastic Search – Indexing & Retrieving
5. Kibana – Data Visualization (Dashboards)

Technical Challenges:

The project could be completed in record time primarily due to adopting the still in beta platform Apache Metron (Beta 2 was out in August 2016) for integrating the several parts of the solution to work in unison and as desired. While Metron drastically reduced the development time from a possible 7-12 months to just one (1) month, since it still being in beta, there is currently no support available. However, as the benefits of Metron outweighed the constraints, there had to be many work-arounds, twists, and tweaks induced to get the desired functionality.


Impact of the solution

  • Customer and its various business heads now have real-time visibility into access and activity logs of the more than 25,000 users across the globe
  • Data security increased many-fold owing to the Server Logs – which now even visualize any unusual activity or unauthorized access and helped in arresting breaches and loss of IP.
  • Savings of up to 85% on the development cost (what would have otherwise taken a year was accomplished in just 1 month)
  • The solution is scalable as well as built to easily absorb any dynamic requirements, hence very marginal incremental costs, if any, in the future, meaning further savings in cap-ex & op-ex

We have proven expertise in ensuring security of business IT enviroments for our clients. Get in touch with us to discuss as to how we can help you or send in your queries to, or T +1 925 399 4218



Our client is a Maine-based bio-tech / pharma company with operations spread across the entire North American region and clocking revenues of over a $1Bn.


‘Innovate or perish’ seems to be the under-current driving most modern business endeavours. Bio-pharmaceutical and bio-tech companies are no different; they are investing and focusing a great deal in research and product innovation.

Our client’s biggest challenge was to achieve operational excellence in the area of its activity (producing live and genetically engineered cells). Primary obstacle to this was that, despite developing the cells under same parameters and through identical processes, there was a significant variation in the end-result or the yield-quality. The variation in quality was sometimes to the extent of 60%; which led to concerns of quality uncertainty that negatively affected the client operating in a highly regulated industry.


MSRCosmos developed a comprehensive analytics solution that helped the customer reduce the errors significantly. The solution involved performing statistical, correlative, and predictive analytics on multiple sources of data.

The cause of concern to business (at the time) was peculiar in the history of the industry. Therefore, there had to be an end-to-end analysis of the processes as well as the industry itself.

It’s more like preparatory phase, where we completely worked on data consolidation, cleansing and keeping data ready to be the single source of truth.

Our Big-Data CoE team undertook a complete analysis of the challenges faced by the customer, after which it was deduced that a combination of analytics can significantly help in reducing these discrepancies.

Two key sources of data were identified for performing analytics,

  • Historical data
  • Shop-floor data / Live data

Client had a huge volume of historical data which was typically used for tracking purposes, and not for optimizing operations. Our team applied correlative analytics on top of the historical data to identify relationships among multiple process parameters.

Applied Predictive and Statistical Analytics – including

  • Moving averages
  • Distribution histograms
  • Standard deviation
  • Clustering analysis

Identified the patterns and prioritized data points that had the most predictive power.

Further, artificial neural network analysis was applied to simulate both the structural as well as functional aspects of biological neural networks; which were then used to model complex processes and determine with greater precision how some specific parameters affected productivity.

Employing advanced analytics was key to understanding the factors influencing the quality of the end-products. Multiple upstream and downstream parameters, and their impact on the yield-quality were analyzed. Even the raw source of the end-product and its impact on quality was analyzed.

Analysis of live and historical data helped us identify 8 key factors that were impacting quality leading to variations. This information empowered the customer in stabilizing the quality by more than 32%, and also efficiently working on managing cell storage and media, without any additional investment on operational expenditure.


  • Quality stabilized by more than 32%
  • Decreased Op-Ex by more than 13%
  • Increased utilization of data
  • Increased business visibility

We can help you get more out of your business data. Send in your queries to, or T +1 925 399 4218. We’ll be happy to serve you.


SAP landscape transformation (SLT) replication server

Our client is a Pennsylvania-based conglomerate plying in sectors such as auto-motives, consumer-packaged goods, e-Commerce, OEM controls, pharmaceuticals, & death-care industries, with a revenue of more than USD $1 Bn. We implemented a SLT Replication Server solution to bring all its reporting and business analytics up to speed with the times.

Business Challenges:
Client had in-place the revolutionary SAP HANA for running their OLTP (Transactional) and OLAP (Analytical) applications but they were still unable to perform real-time data analytics. This pegged back the efficiency of the financial and business decision-making processes.
The lack of real-time replication was preventing the client from leveraging the full potential of SAP HANA.
The traditional approach was proving to be not only highly expensive but was also risk-laden with constraints such as,

  • It took many years to finish projects
  • Management of functional expertise encapsulated in existing ERP assets could not be done
  • Historical data and on-going processes usually did not get transferred to new system(s)
  • Even when the data was converted at the database level, client risked losing SAP maintenance coverage

We proposed and implemented the SAP LT (Landscape Transformation) Replication Server which helped in achieving key objectives such as:

  • Seamlessly engaging with running systems, thus ensuring business continuity
  • Kicking-off with scenario analysis to choose the exact solution and target system
  • Time saving & cost-effective by operating directly at the database level
  • Safe-guarding / ensuring safety of historical data, running processes, and persistence of maintenance is assured.

Impact on Client Business:

  • Decision-makers now have assured reporting with latest business information, all owing to real-time and/or scheduled data replication
  • Analytical systems up-to-date with business information from the production environment
  • Support to acceleration of large-volume transactions run in SAP HANA
  • Synchronization between various systems (applications) enabled; ensured real-time reporting and minimized transfer volume for SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW)
  • Client is now able to utilize the full power of SAP HANA
  • Now the client is also equipped with capabilities for conversion and transformation to new business strategies such as
    • Estimating IT costs and decrease overall cost of ownership
    • Eliminating new business challenges at the IT level itself
    • Using existing corporate IT knowledge to invent new strategies
    • Recognizing best practices, explicitly industry-specific business processes, and IT strategies
    • Implementing IT governance
    • Realizing customer’s vision

Advantages of using SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server (“SLT”)
Providing real-time data at any point of time is one of the main features of SAP HANA and we ensured it did that well with the help of SLT (SAP Landscape Transformation) where real-time data is loaded to HANA from SAP as well as Non-SAP source systems.
SAP Landscape Transformation

Contact our SAP practice team today to assess whether you are making optimal use of SAP HANA.
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-Veera Kondapi
Director – IT COE and Solutions


Delivered a twin-module analytics solution for our client from the insurance sector.

About Client:

Our client is a leading health insurance provider in the north-west (WA), catering to about 2 million customers with a network comprising about 40,000 doctors, hospitals, and healthcare providers.

Client Objective:

Make healthcare work better for all its customers.


Client wanted to get a 360° view of its customers to be able to help it attain the stated objective. In order to do that, they needed to analyze customer service calls, customer surveys, campaign reviews, emails, etc. Along with that, they wanted to have real-time ADT information from the various providers that the client serves. Client planned to build a data-lake in Hadoop that can hold such variety of data, along with providing a safe and secure environment for storage and analysis.

MSRCosmos delivered a twin-module solution to meet specific objectives.

Module 1: Objective:
Client received calls from customers and providers on a daily basis. Client wanted to analyze what the customer is calling about, what are the most frequent requests, how to cluster them, etc.


The call information contains audio files along with some metadata, which are not enough to undertake effective analysis. Therefore, the audio files were sent to an external vendor to mine the calls so that they can provide transcripts and scores, and additional metadata associated with those.

Upon the same being processed, MSRCosmos’ solution pulled the data (from the vendor) and stored it to Hadoop. This was followed by transformations on top of that data and load it into a set of parquet tables. These tables were later used by data scientists who would apply machine learning algorithms on top of the data.

Solutions Architecture for Healthcar Business


Module 2: Objective

Collect the data from various providers’ EMR systems in real-time, so that client can take action in advance and provide better quality of care to customer.

This was critical, as earlier the client had to submit a lot of paperwork to the providers to get any information which entailed a lot expenditure in terms of money and time.

Client approached the providers to share the required data in real-time (for which they’d be incentivized). That meant, although client had to pay for the providers willing to provide the data in real-time, them doing so had a very significant impact on the company’s objectives, as getting ADT data in real-time could help them take immediate action where required. This would also significantly reduce paper-work, thus helping the client serve its customers well and retain them.

However, since security is very important for the data hosted in Hadoop, the solution had a Kerberized cluster along with fine grained access to different Hive tables using Sentry. It also had encryption at-rest and encryption in-transit for all the respective data. That besides, the solution also comprised usage of TLS that would facilitate highly secure external communication of the client systems.

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Big-Data Analytics

Aligning your business functioning with how your ecosystem is remodeling itself to meet the customer dynamics, is what we call as true business transformation.

We’re inching towards an almost fully digital world, where every customer attribute and interaction is going to be digitally captured and stored. While the physicality of a business-customer relationship can, perhaps, never be taken out of the picture completely, what is certain is that customers’ new-found penchant for a digital experience in every walk of life is going to define the very way we all live and consume stuff – information, services, products, etc.

To be able to keep pace with rapid advances in technology-enabled services and products that are well and truly leading man-kind into the digital era, it is imperative that businesses are well seized of the significance of capturing the digital footprints of customers and deciphering them for unlocking precious business insights.That is where big-data analytics is brilliantly positioned to help businesses gain tremendous competitive advantage through the untapped asset called business data.


A comprehensive data solution for our telecoms client

About Client:
Our client from the telecoms industry is one of the biggest carriers in the United States, catering to a subscriber-base of around 55 million in the US. All of those subscribers generate lot of data every day, which made it mandatory for the carrier to store the data in some kind of a warehouse. Client chose the HDP platform for storing this data as well as undertaking analytics on the data.

Business Requirement:
The FCC mandates that all telecoms providers submit a Rural Call Completion (RRC) report every quarter. This was aimed at assessing how telecoms companies are providing services to customers calling rural areas.
The issue was that when customers called rural areas, they experienced frequent call drops, no answers, line busy, etc. This likely happens when telecoms companies use low cost OCNs. There is also another requirement from FCC that mandates storing the raw data, used for filing Rural Call Completion report, for 6 months.

In order to provide the RCC report, it was required to daily collect (from the billing system) all the information of the calls made to rural areas, and store it in a format that would be readily available for analysis. But, the data is so huge – runs into Terabytes every month. That besides, it also contains subscriber information which needs to be protected. Thus, encryption at-rest had become a critical choice. Moreover, the solution should also meet the retention limits of the client for various types of data.
Employing traditional systems to store this data would be very expensive but obviously cost optimization was also a key aspect of the new solution. Thus, Hadoop was chosen. Now HDP is able to help the solution meet all the requirements and, primarily, generate the report in time for FCC.


The data solution provided is not only delivering on the basic premise on which it was built, it has also led to several data-related projects being spun-up subsequently at the client. Many teams such as marketing, finance, etc., are now using the data to undertake targeted marketing campaigns and for better financial planning. On top of it, the solution has also helped the client to analyze various network issues that led to measures being taken that have improved the quality of their network.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business benefit from digital transformation. Or write in to us with your queries – our team shall respond to you with the relevant options and assist you in using the suitable solution. Email: T: +1 925 399 4218.

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