MSRCosmos at Ascend with Azure event: To equip SMBs with enhanced agility, scalability, and flexibility to innovate.


MSRCosmos at Ascend with Azure event: To equip SMBs with enhanced agility, scalability, and flexibility to innovate.

We are excited to share with you our experiences of the eventful night of 9th January 2020, where MSRCosmos hosted ‘Ascend with Azure’ event in partnership with Microsoft.

The purpose – to aid SMBs scale up to evolving business demands and build innovative experiences for their customers with an integrated cloud solution.

Pradeep Lekharaju, Head of APAC India opened the evening proceedings by addressing top executives gathered there to understand how Microsoft Azure plays a critical role in accelerating the growth journey for organizations.

An interactive session all through. The event witnessed executives from various sectors like – pharma, hospitality, IT, application services, finance and more, who discussed their workload challenges.

While most present showed a readiness to learn how taking business workloads to Azure would prove beneficial in the long run, the informed lot were more inclined about learning Azure back-up plan, data structure, sector-oriented advantages, possibilities of seamless integrations, Power BI, SAP HANA on Azure to name a few.

The serious discourse continued, with quick Q&A sessions thrown in between. Some enthusiasts among the lot took goodies home as they readily answered googlies that came up.

After an enriching session on various SAP challenges and discussions on Azure business value proposition, the stage was conferred to the next speaker in line, Balaji Kandregula, Head of Analytics.

The discussion continued on ways of turning data into an opportunity with Microsoft Power BI and drawing meaningful insights with Azure data factory. To support the explanation Power BI dashboards were displayed – Cardiac Arrhythmia Classification, Pharma specific and Loan Risk Analysis Dashboard, Finance specific. The examples were used to address a few queries that were made initially.

The event was brought to an end by showcasing a few products & solutions built on Azure, one being TrackEx. A cloud-based, platform-agnostic solution (Web, iOS, Android, Windows), devoid of form-factor limitations (mobile, web, desktop) that enables anytime, anywhere access for optimal travel and expense management.

Post the session attendees networked over dinner with fellow industry colleagues and our speakers.

Overall, it turned out to be a very purposeful, informative evening, where the who’s–who of the SMB sector got to exchange notes on solutions to critical business challenges and learn new scope to accelerate business towards growth.

MSRCosmos at Ascend with Azure event

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