Top 5 Trends Impacting The Adoption of Cloud


Top 5 Trends Impacting The Adoption of Cloud

Raghavendra Prabhu (Prabhu) ( Global Head – Sales & Solutions) discusses a very interesting topic in the podcast – Top 5 Trends Shaping The Adoption Of Cloud.

He shares his views on how cloud computing has become ubiquitous, and this has paved the way to a few key trends taking place in the way customers are considering the adoption of cloud. Not listed in any specific order, hear him speak on:
1. Multi-Cloud
2. Containers and Kubernetes
3. Serverless Computing
4. Artificial Intelligence
5. Digital Innovation

Transcript of the Podcast: –
Title: Top 5 Trends Impacting The Adoption of Cloud

Question: What are the top 5 trends you are seeing when it comes to Cloud?

As cloud computing becomes ubiquitous, we are observing a few key trends taking place in the way customers are considering an option of cloud – let me share with you five trends. Not listed in any specific order.

Trend 1: Multi-Cloud
The first one is multi-cloud. Customers are gaining more confidence in being able to host and infrastructure and applications across multiple cloud providers, whether it’s Azure, AWS or GCP. The advancement of cloud technologies and tools made available by the hyper-scale cloud providers is making multi-cloud a reality for customers.

We are already aware of the recent Oracle’s announcement of support for Oracle applications on Azure, connected to backend Oracle databases in Oracle Cloud infrastructure or OCRA. We’ll see more such innovations and innovative architectures in deploying applications across different clouds, making it convenient for customers.

Trend 2: Containers and Kubernetes
The second trend that I noticed is Containers and Kubernetes. A big part of multi-cloud success can be attributed to Kubernetes or the whole container architecture. In the past, the affinity that software had with the underlying infrastructure prevented portability to other computing environments.

Fast forward to today, the container architecture promises to decouple software from the underlying infrastructure and with the use of Kubernetes service to orchestrate, software and service are portable across cloud providers making multi-cloud a reality.

Trend 3: Serverless computing
The third trend that I noticed is Serverless computing. Serverless is a new model of cloud computing in which customers and software providers leverage the services and resources that cloud providers run and completely manage. With Serverless, customers and software providers onlyneed to focus on the services and resources their applications need and pay only for what they use. Instead of planning, managing, and pre-purchasing server capacity, ‘Serverless Architecture’ can take away customer’s concerns around: under-provisioning, or over-provisioning of infrastructure resulting due to poor capacity plan.

Trend 4: Artificial Intelligence
The fourth one is Artificial Intelligence. AI is all-pervasive thanks to the ubiquitous nature of cloud and how cloud providers such as Microsoft, AWS, and Google have made AI accessible for everybody. We are seeing AI and Machine Intelligence being infused into software applications and data enabling new intelligent experiences for its users. Be it intelligent virtual conversations through bots, intelligent automation of business processes, cognitive services, or machine learning, there is a cloud-based AI solution for each of these scenarios.

Trend 5: Digital Innovation
The fifth trend is Digital Innovation. Cloud computing is proving to be the vehicle for digital innovation. Several customers are thinking deeply, and many have already started piloting the use of innovative digital technologies such as IoT and Blockchain on cloud for business transformation.

End of podcast transcript.

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