Modernization of Web Application: Style up your IT Asset


Modernization of Web Application: Style up your IT Asset

Modernization of Web Application: Style up your IT asset

Technology is changing at a breakneck pace and IT companies need management solutions to keep up. Web applications need to change as per the evolution of technology. Automation has become a basic requirement of businesses. If stakeholders directly jump right into automation, they risk their current business model. To put it the other way, they run the danger of automating unproductive procedures.

Modernization to the application will provide you with benefits that will transform the business scenario. Digital transformation has been progressively gaining traction. However, the prospect of re-engineering the entire business technology stack can be intimidating, and businesses must overcome a variety of obstacles to figure out where to start.
Modernization of Web Application: Style up your IT assetBenefits of Modernisation


  • Boost the employee productivity
  • Evolving customer behaviour and preference
  • Migrate business legacy application
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Cost Maintenance
  • Reduced site downtime

Most enterprises use IT for more than 2 decades. The use of legacy applications can be tedious to the employees, which reduces their performance. It is true that when the management decides to upgrade the entire historical footprint, it has a significant impact on the firm. Even if we tried to modernize just one application, the upstream and downstream applications would still be using outdated technology, with a variety of legacy protocols, file formats, and so on. Introducing them to the current platform all at once is risky, it is done smartly but it improves not only customer behavior but also helps to improve the brand value of the enterprise by giving them services in an efficient and user-friendly manner. Quick response from the enterprises brings engagement with the customer.

Modernization of Web Application: Style up your IT asset

Technologies like

Will give you a better value proposition to adopt and sustain in a competitive market. Evolve your business with the changing trends of technology.

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Why is Microsoft Azure and SAP’s Partnership Beneficial to the Tech World?

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure and SAP’s strong partnership of more than 25 years benefited many organizations in different aspects. During this pandemic, the human lifestyle is rising with the solution offered by the tech world. E-commerce and supply chains play an important role in sustaining our societies, economies, and front-line workers, to whom we owe a great deal. SAP and Microsoft have become the digital backbone to run the supply chain smoothly.

The benefit of this collaboration starts with serving cost-effective solutions as they don’t have to maintain legacy infrastructure and data centers. When infrastructure goes out of support then one can migrate to Azure. The manpower required for data maintenance is utilized for some other task, once the data is loaded on the cloud. Which again results in cost-cutting in staffing.

Key features include: 

  • Data Replication for backup

Azure data center is spread across multiple regions which makes it the most popular as a platform among all the other cloud services offered. In a disaster, one region can act as a backup for another. It also offers rapid Go-To-Market with cloud services which means one can deploy their software quickly in the market.

  • Added Advantage on app services

Organizations that run their SAP solutions on Azure can use SAP apps and data in Microsoft Teams and Office apps in Microsoft 365 to improve collaboration and user experience. Businesses moved their mission-critical SAP estate to Azure to achieve a reduction in TCO and deployment cycle time.

  • Better security and Easy Migration

A heavy amount of data can be handled over cloud. That data might be sensitive. Securing this data can be quite difficult but a team of 3500 cybersecurity experts ensure the security at Azure. Innovations offered by SAP and Azure keeps businesses updated with the changing trends of technology. Cloud adoption gives you guidance on how Azure functionality can be leveraged. The SAP hosting provider has an open option to migrate to Azure for contract renewal.

Pay for only what is used” is a key feature that makes Azure more popular.

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Step into the techno world with SAP

With the introduction of technological improvements and increased competitiveness in the industrial markets, Enterprise Resource Planning software has achieved widespread adoption in a variety of industrial areas. ERP software’s powerful and robust functionality breaks down information silos.

SAP HANA has been the company’s most significant technology development in the recent years. Practically all SAP products released after SAP HANA have substantial integration capabilities in this network. SAP HANA is more than just a cutting-edge database. It is an in-memory data platform that may be used on-premises or in the cloud to speed up company activities.

As part of the IT automation initiative, ERP software will result in process efficiencies. ERP integrates several processes, such as payroll, accounting, and human resources, into a single database. This aids with the automation of back-end procedures like payroll, account administration, and inventory management.

What does SAP bring for you?

  • Effective Communication

With up-to-date information, the SAP software promotes effective communication between departments. This ground truth enables employees to complete more tasks and respond to market inquiries swiftly. As a result, you will save time and be more productive.

  • Smart Investment Solution

Failing to invest in an ERP solution may cost you considerably more. Implementation of SAP keeps you ahead of the competition by investing in technology solutions.

  • Better Security

It is a good idea to use ERP software for corporate management to maintain the security and confidentiality of all data. With an ERP system, users may easily update all of the data stored in the application.

  • Improved Prioritization

User-friendly and creative ERP solutions from a variety of vendors allow businesses to focus on their main priorities, such as customer service quality and safety. The corporate world is rapidly adopting ERP software to gain a competitive advantage and improve overall performance.

ERP adoption has been accelerated by increased accountability and transparency norms. Furthermore, prominent industries use the ERP system to become certified.

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