Implement a Blockchain Powered Organization for your Port Logistics


Implement a Blockchain Powered Organization for your Port Logistics

Blockchain In Port Logistics

Add value to your port logistics in terms of trust, visibility and network expansion while ensuring safety.  

Challenges Faced by the Port Management-
In this digitally ever growing world, the port logistics and supply chains require a secure system that provides improved efficiency. The major issues faced in the logistics field include lack of security, sharing of data, document approval, and the inefficient handling of goods and containers throughout the supply chain. It also includes the ineffective management of documents. In ports, when the cargo switches from one transport to the other, security, visibility and real-time access to the data is of massive importance. The manual processing of all the documents, transportation information and other paper works related to shipment generates redundant data and may take an unpredictable amount of time which further reduces the transportation efficiency of goods. Hence, it is important for all the logistics industry to digitalize port management.

Blockchain definitely is the solution for all these problems as it plays a key role in digitizing port logistics. With its powerful features, it builds trust and transforms port processes such as documenting, validating and securing data.

MSRcosmos, with the help of blockchain technology, helps add value to your logistics by transforming your port operations digitally. All the process, right from document approval to product safety is transformed and made seamless. The document approvals are in the form of a time-stamp which shows all the details including the exact time, status and condition of the transaction. The entire transaction history will be visible to all the parties and with the feature of immutability, no unauthorized party will be able to make changes in the data or on the transaction. Blockchain is mainly used for security reasons within the port area. It can play a major role in preventing cargo theft as it requires digital approval from the blockchain ledger (a database that is shared across multiple sites) in order to proceed with the pickup of cargo. Only after receiving approval using a QR code or etc., a driver will be able to carry the container.  

Business Benefits:-

Traces goods more efficiently:
Provides the current location as well as the condition of the product. The freights and products can be easily tracked using a QR code provided to each product. Thus making the transactions safer and transparent
Ensures security and prevents theft:
With the immutability feature of blockchain, no information can be lost or replaced. Protects your supply chain data from cyber-attacks as no third party or unauthorized party will be able to modify the data or transaction. Every operation will require digital approval from the partners without which no operation will be proceeded.
Increased visibility in the supply chain:
Provides an overall view of the supply chain facilitating an easy exchange of information between organizations leading to increase trust among all the involved parties.
Process automation and efficiency
With the help of smart contracts, less manual work and no paperwork, all the document related work and agreement conditions are automated, without any human intervention and error.
Saves time as well as cost:
Blockchain develops a synchronized communication among partners which further constructs a streamlined process. This leads to reduced redundancy, few to no delays, shorter lead times, cost optimization and makes your supply chain efficient.
Provides real-time access to data:
Collects time-stamped data from all points of the supply chain and make it easy for the partners to access, share and synchronize critical information.
Trade finance:
With increased automation, reduced processing time, transparency, trust and security, the transaction speed is increased and the costs involved are reduced. Thus, allowing a smooth trade finance process. 

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Secure your Networks by Leveraging the power of Blockchain


Gain an overall visibility of your supply chain network, ensure transparency and establish trust between your partners

Challenges Faced By The Logistics Industry
In the logistics industry, the major concern always remains to determine the current and past location of freight, whether it was damaged in transit, as well as reporting their arrival and departure time. As the supply chain continues to expand, they become more and more complex. ‘N’ number of companies are involved in this process. Maintaining such complex data using traditional systems might slow down communication and consume a lot of time in tracking goods. This results in delay, inaccurate supply chains, errors, increased cost, security issues, and etc. Lack of traceability has become an industry-wide problem due to disjoint data systems and outdated paper processes.

Blockchain technology is preferred by every developing industry right now as it supports track and trace, ERP, supply chain, safety and increases automation efficiency. It can share information via a peer-to-peer network without the need for any central authority to verify all the transactions. Blockchain records all the transactions and provides immutability and combats issues like counterfeit goods, delays, cyber-attacks, and compliance violations.

MSRcosmos, with the help of blockchain technology, helps logistics overcome all the challenges by creating an encrypted digital record that tracks and traces goods at each and every stage and provides end-to-end visibility. Track and Trace provide easy tracking of goods and makes planning easier. This makes product monitoring and continuous verification of processes seamless. Since all the transactions are up to date and time-stamped, companies can get the location as well as the current status of a product at any time. Blockchain is a shared database, i.e. it uses a distributed ledger technology, with the help of which a single source of correct information is passed across the entire supply chain and the participants. Enabling Track and Trace using blockchain technology makes complex things easier and smoothens the work process in the right direction.

Business Benefits:-
Increases real-time visibility:
Provides a single view of the supply chain facilitating an easy exchange of information between organizations.
Provides forward and reverse traceability:
Enables tracking of the product journey, right from the origin to every point of contact on its journey to the customers.
Provides end-to-end transparency:
The traceability feature of blockchain ensures transparency by validating and authenticating product origin. This prevents fraud and improves brand credibility.
Unique identity code for products:
Using a QR code provided to each product, the products can be easily tracked and validated by the user. Secure QR code ensures product safety and it is tamper-proof.
Strengthens consumer trust:
Track and trace allow consumers to track their products and ensure the quality and safety of their products. This builds and strengthens consumer trust.
Monitors performance:
Along with the characteristics of decentralization, irreversibility and traceability, blockchain provides real-time data and high-performance metrics. This helps users to monitor the exact and detailed performance of the product on different stages.
Increases security:
Blockchain has a distributed ledger technology that holds time-stamped records, which cannot be changed without the agreement of all the users in the supply chain. This ensures the safety and prevents data from being modified by unauthorized users.

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Ensure the Security of Health Data with Azure

Bring the digital transformation in healthcare with new and innovative solutions offered by Microsoft Azure to provide better patient care and cutting-edge medicine.

Challenges Faced by Health Care Industry

Healthcare industries are facing many IT challenges such as minimum data storage, high IT and enterprise operational costs for legacy software. The system often gets attack by hackers, and healthcare data security comes at a risk. In case of emergency, condition likes giving CPR to cardiac patient real-time data access is required. Day by day hospitals is getting overcrowded. They failed to maintain social distancing and are unable to stop the spread of infectious diseases. Many challenges are arising while handling clinical and non-clinical applications with untrained staff. After the COVID-19 shutdown, healthcare centers are overburdened with peak responsibilities. Such as providing medical care and information to the people as everyone became cautious about their health and started consulting with doctors for minor sicknesses.

AZURE services offered by MSRcosmos provide better healthcare experiences and outcomes. Application modernization with AZURE can help to reduce operational costs. Building a secure cloud network minimizes the risk of successful attacks. AZURE-based bot services provide quick and personalized health-related information to the patients or the general public via natural online communication. Azure is expanding capabilities in the hospital context while ensuring the safety of patients and staff.

Business Benefits –

MSRCosmos– partnered with Microsoft, specializes in Cloud migration.

  • The Bot Services not only improves patient interaction to improve COVID-19 care as well as it helps in hospitals in resource management
  • It provides access to Azure servers without actually having to buy, own or maintain them
  • The advanced encryption process improve high security and handle confidential patient’s data resulting in a reduction of cyber attack
  • It offers unlimited data storage, faster data recovery to huge information generated at hospitals
  • Azure helps healthcare industries to migrate their on-premise infrastructure on Azure which brings an overall reduction in expenditure
  • Azure services gather telemetry data from a CPR card to provide valuable, real-time data about the CPR quality and provide precise, supportive feedback to the rescuer, which save the life of a patient with its fast service
  • Power Automate will contribute to employee well-being by reducing the effort required while handling the manual data entry

We, at MSRCosmos, with our cloud-certified tools and technical expertise on SAP and Azure, we are excel in providing better cloud services across the globe by handling challenges efficiently.

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Fastrack Your Retail Industry Business Growth with Azure

Retail Industry

Accelerate retail with AI, advanced analytics, cognitive services and bring agility to business

Challenges Faced by the Retail Industry

One of the first sectors to contract in times of crisis is retail. The operator whose economy is dependent on the sale of food, consumer product, etc. suffering immediately resulted in loss of revenue as consumption fell rapidly. After this pandemic, as per government guidelines, managing the workforce and customers became difficult. Businesses are facing more downtime. Old technologies failed to perform an online operation. Evolving in a continuously changing marketplace and meeting the expectations of each customer, brand migration is highly affecting the business as consumers started buying more online and preferring contactless purchases. Challenges arise in inventory management across physical and web channels. Unsecure payment activities result in more frauds. Businesses suffered a loss in the cold chain due to spoilage and theft.

For retail, AZURE is one such platform that improves customer service and efficiency. It helps retailers to modernize their IT assets by moving to the cloud. That new infrastructure architecture will bring connectivity, consistency, and efficiency required to a company. The AI and cognitive services build an effective, future-ready retail workforce. Power BI and daily Insights contribute to the company’s digital transformation and help to set marketing strategies. The secured transaction gains more trust among the customers. Dynamic 365 generates a quick response to consumer demand reduces the delivery time. It also achieved retail asset protection. It prevents the migration of customers with a loyalty program management. Augmented reality apps can be used for a range of retail activities, such as back-end stocking, providing low-contact shopping alternatives like curbside, home delivery, and demonstrating how to assemble a product to the customers offering an enjoyable and peaceful shopping experience. Azure Data Factory, Azure Data bricks, Azure Data Lake, Power BI, Azure Active Directory, Azure Monitor, and Data Addiction’s IP accelerator lake flow are all used by Data Addiction. Data Addiction may produce Azure resources 30 to 50 percent faster with Lake Flow, keeping a historical record of the data in a cost-effective data lake, and proactively monitor the data with Lake Flow. Azure Data bricks, which uses machine learning to perform real-time big data processing, gives the retailer a considerable speedy edge.

Business Benefits –

MSRcosmos- Microsoft partner that specializes in moving Retail Industries to Azure offers:

  • Prevention of fraudulent payment activity wins the trust of people and makes it more reliable.
  • Ensure employee and customer’s data security which can bring better employee-customer engagement
  • It enables customers and employees to adopt a unified platform and makes workforce management easier.
  • Real-time tracking of goods reduces losses due to spoilage, theft and fastens delivery processes.
  • It increases opportunities for customization and improves the customer experience.
  • Simplifies inventory management with the total technological environment and eliminates downtime at a warehouse resulting in time-saving.

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How to Choose Blockchain for Business?


Choosing the best blockchain platform for your enterprise is not difficult anymore. Get your blockchain platform up and running quickly with blockchain to increase your chances of success by keeping things basic and sticking to tried-and-true solutions.

For a successful blockchain implementation, you must make an informed decision. If you’re going to use blockchain, you’ll need to figure out which blockchain is suitable for your business while establishing the system. Identifying the use case is a sensible initial step. It’s a method for determining, defining, and arranging your blockchain requirements.

Blockchain Technology in automotive industry-09-09

The underlying platform is one of the most important factors to consider. In the long run, choosing the correct blockchain platform for your purposes will save a lot of time and work. Such as, if you only need to accept cryptocurrency payments, then you can choose any of the existing public networks. If your project requires more complicated procedures to be automated, then you can either use existing public networks with Smart contract capabilities or create your blockchain platform with the appropriate logic.

How does Public Blockchain work?
You don’t need to prepare any other code to work on public blockchains except for smart contracts and the primary code of your service that connects with the blockchain network. Once smart contracts are created, and authorities can monitor their behavior on the blockchain. Gain a better understanding and preserve its anonymity.
If you run the project on a public blockchain, it will not shut down. Validators and miners are individuals. They run the nodes of the blockchain network that support the network’s upkeep and replicate the data. Public blockchain can save costs connected with customization. Large-scale attacks are especially vulnerable to this.

How does Permissioned Blockchain work?
If the functionality of any of the public blockchains does not meet your needs, you can create your Permissioned blockchains with customizable logic using frameworks. The validators/miners are a body of individuals who will organize and urge a group of people to set up specialized hardware and software and administer the blockchain network in a decentralized and distributed manner which will safeguard its security and existence. They create the first block of your blockchain, run the test network together, troubleshoot all code update procedures, and manage the validators/miners in your network.

Blockchain as service
You must engage a blockchain service provider if you want to use blockchain in your firm. These companies can assist you in implementing and managing blockchain in your business. It is a straightforward method of implementation. You won’t have to waste time constructing infrastructure or employing additional skilled human resources because you’ll be able to adopt something that’s geared to your precise, pre-engineered, and customized blockchain goals right away.

Azure from Microsoft is also a cost-effective and speedy choice for small and medium businesses, with a large number of partners, There will be several organizations or firms that have not yet adopted blockchain technology. As a result, you are supposed to communicate with them regularly. You’ll need to integrate legacy systems with your new blockchain technology. It will allow you to continue doing business with anyone who hasn’t yet made the changeover.

You can move on to proof of concept(POC) once you’ve reviewed the many ways in which blockchain deployment can help your company.
The creation of a POC begins with careful planning, just like any other company. The procedure will start with several pertinent questions about your project. These questions, in turn, assist in the construction of the POC in a step-by-step manner. After you’ve found the answer to the questions, you’ll be able to start building your blockchain proof of concept. You should, in theory, be able to regulate your direction and eliminate any unnecessary complications throughout the POC’s development. As a result, avoiding complexity will save time and money spent on constructing POCs that aren’t well-directed. It is a critical stage as you may need to implement the blockchain in Java. More importantly, if necessary, you may also need to choose the blockchain implementation in Python.

You’ll have a better chance of succeeding in business with a Secured, decentralized,well-established blockchain platform, So proceed with caution while entering into the blockchain ecosystem.

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Modernize your operations by leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure

Logistic Industry

Using a powerful platform like Azure, streamline your entire operations, reach new heights with innovation, and build a one-of-a-kind logistics system that sets new standards for your industry with efficiency. 

Challenges Faced by the Logistics Industry 

The absence of scalable systems in the logistics industry often results in an overall reduction in efficiency. The manual check-in process delays various services such as procurement of goods, distribution, port management, etc. because of all the time-consuming paperwork done and a prolonged waiting time. These outdated business processes slowdowns the rate of improvement as the ageing on-premise infrastructures take up a substantial amount of time in monitoring and maintaining all the data. When it comes to cybersecurity, the industry cannot afford to compromise on the same as it matters equally on the ocean as it did on the cloud. Microsoft Azure, with its world-class security features, helps overcome this problem. 

For any industry, especially logistics, moving the internal IT resources to a flexible and scalable cloud platform helps achieve optimal business performance and delivers innovation. But the major concern remains the cost associated with it.  

MSRcosmos along with Azure makes this journey smooth and ensures state-of-the-art agility, security and recoverability of data while reducing costs and upgrading the infrastructure. MSRcosmos conducts a detailed evaluation of the existing infrastructure and drafts a plan accordingly to complete the migration without any data latency and with minimum downtime. 

Business Benefits – 

  • Moving to Microsoft Azure guarantees a great SAP performance and AI innovation. It makes real contributions to business agility and helps it stay ahead of the competition. 
  • Improves freight processing time by replacing paper-based check-in processes for deliveries and provides live data throughout the warehouse and front offices. 
  • Azure offers substantial operational benefits and a robust, modern technology foundation with additional layers of security. 
  • The integrated security features of Microsoft Azure strengthens the security layers, identifies hidden risks both on-premise and in the cloud, and automates routine tasks so the security team can focus on innovation. 
  • The payment process becomes better and faster using Azure as the system reads payment data from the payment partner and matches it against incoming deliveries. This alerts customers at sign-in if a payment is required and ensures a secure, speedy and smooth transaction. 
  • Replaces paper-based check-in by automated check-in which makes pick-ups and drop-offs of cargo become seamless. 
  • Halves disaster recovery time and boosts the availability of key systems. 
  • The migration helps the company to leverage a host of advanced Azure services including Azure PaaS and AI capabilities that add high business value and differentiation. 

Along with the above listed wholesome benefits and the advantage of pay-as-you-go service, Azure strategizes for innovation by delivering performance and flexibility that helps your business evolve in ways that are meaningful. 

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Accelerate your industrial efficiency with Cloud’s power and Azure’s services. 

Transfigure your business by improving operational efficiency, reducing costs and generating new revenue opportunities.
Lower the production cost, higher the chance of survival. 

Challenges Faced by the Cement Industry 

The cement industry, just like any other industry, is renovating and updating itself with emerging technologies. Cement industries, as they advance their digital transformation journey, look for public cloud alternatives as the private cloud environment delays the opportunity to scale on demand and minimize capital expenditure. The challenges faced by the cement industries include inefficient physical systems, massive energy consumption, struggling with loading and security checks for trucks carrying cement, tracking these trucks, lack of supply chain visibility, deterioration in safety and working conditions, low operational surveillance, inefficiency in the distribution centres, etc. Since, the cement industries in India are already facing a situation of over-capacity, industrial turnover, etc. the major concern remains the possible business downtime that the company will have to face, as well as the high cost involved during the migration.  

In order to deal with these challenges and keep pace with the customer expectations, the company must find the finest cloud implementation solution. 

MSRcosmos with its deep technical expertise on SAP and Azure and cloud-certified tools systematically analyses the company’s existing landscape and designs a tailored, highly available, durable and cost-efficient SAP landscape on Azure. MSRcosmos helps in developing a thorough migration plan for the company, with the help of which they can experience a seamless, minimized downtime while migrating to Azure. 

Business Benefits – 

  • SAP on Azure solutions can help escalate profit and reduce environmental consequences for the cement industry. 
  • Reduces the number of physical servers and increases profit by enhancing operational efficiency. 
  • Provides real time data for analysis with the help of which information related to the item, load weight, vehicles carrying the load, date, time, etc. can be generated. Manually calculating and maintaining all this information can lead to error (caused by human). This can be avoided which further helps the manufacturers in carrying out the work efficiently without having to expect delays and reduces a lot of paper work as well. 
  • Company will be able to complete the migration efficiently and victoriously within a low downtime. They can achieve around 40%-75% Cost savings by moving the existing SAP production infrastructure to Azure from their private cloud environment.  
  • Company will also experience an overall better system performance with reliability on Azure than what was experienced on-premise. 
  • The migration helps in increasing the SAP performance and also creates opportunity to accelerate innovation with Azure data and AI services.

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Consolidated business process with big data ingestion

Data and analytics have a new focus, and they are no longer just for crunching data. Now, they are increasingly used to guide business strategy. Before the invention of big data technology, we were unaware of the potential of data and the enormous volume of it available through several channels including the Internet of Things.

Maintaining the quality and completeness of data from any source becomes crucial to run any business intelligence activity on data. As it can be in a variety of formats and come from a variety of sources Such as RDBMS, S3 buckets, CSVs, or other types of databases

Data quality matters while ingesting data as one cannot use that data for BI on an ad-hoc basis so, data is sanitized and translated into a uniform format using an extract/transform/load (ETL) process.  The act of importing huge, mixed-format data files from many sources into a single, cloud-based storage medium—a data warehouse, data mart, or database—where they can be accessed and analyzed is known as data ingestion

Today’s businesses rely heavily on data. They require user data to develop future estimates and plans. They must comprehend the user’s requirements and behaviours. All of this helps businesses to build better goods, make better decisions, run ad campaigns, provide user recommendations, and obtain a better understanding of the market. It gives better customer-centric products and increases consumer loyalty in the long run.

Ingestion of data could be done in real-time or in batches at predetermined intervals. It is completely reliant on business needs.

Let us understand with examples how time, lives, and money are all intertwined. In systems processing medical data like a heartbeat or blood pressure with IoT sensors, where time is crucial, real-time data ingestion is often chosen. Financial data, such as stock market transactions, are handled with big data.

Ultimately, implementation of Data ingestion in the business process provides multiple benefits such as:

  • It allows data access among diverse departments and functional areas with varying data-centric requirements across the organization.
  • A simpler solution for gathering and purifying data from, with dozens of types and schemas, and converting it into a single, consistent format from hundreds of sources.
  • It can analyze large amounts of data quickly in real-time batches, as well as cleanse and/or add timestamps during the ingestion process.
  • Cost and time saving is achieved as compared to the manual data aggregation process, especially, if the solution is delivered as a service.
  • A startup service provider can collect and analyze massive amounts of data and manage its spikes with ease.
  • Large data volumes in the raw form are stored on the cloud and offer access to them wherever and whenever required.

When data is moved around, the risk of a breach increases and data transition will become risky. It passes through numerous distinct staging regions, so the development team of MSRCosmos devote additional work to ensure that their system meets all security requirements.

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Modernize Supply Chain Management with Cloud

Modernize supply chain management with cloud

The reverberation of clouds is heard in the world of technology for 20 years. On the other hand: companies are looking for cutting-edge practices improving the cost and operational efficiency of their supply chain.

The cloud enables organizations to innovate processes at all stages of their supply chain, from planning and sourcing to manufacturing, logistics, and distribution. It generates new insights for decision-making and automates activities. The cloud optimizes enterprises by providing infrastructure, platform, and software solutions for the entire supply chain network via the Internet.

Using IoT devices in the supply chain manages massive amounts of data and distributed edge networks. The incorporation of automation and robotics into supply chains ensures network continuity and security.

Cloud makes it easier for businesses to communicate with their suppliers, vendors, and customers. It also enables dynamic provisioning, multi-tenancy, increased server utilization, and data center efficiency.

Continuously changing the demand of the marketplace and meeting the expectations of each customer has become challenging tasks for enterprises. Moreover, consumers started buying more online and preferred contactless purchases. Advanced analytics, in conjunction with big data offers novel approaches to supply chain decisions. It enabled organizations to deliver the product of customer’s choice

GeoAnalytics is a feature of cloud computing that allows Supply Chain Management professionals to monitor delivery networks, identify bottlenecks, and prioritize slower-moving shipments.

Why should the supply chain adopt cloud technology?

Reduction of costs: According to a recent market research study, 72% of business executives see cost reduction as the primary reason for investing in cloud-based tools. As cloud-based tools don’t necessitate an upfront capital investment in hardware, the decision becomes one of capital versus operational expenditures.

Downtime reduction: Technical failures can occur at any point along the supply chain, and downtime is costly (most businesses estimate that downtime costs between $300,000 and $400,000 per hour). The cloud also enables Supply Chain Management professionals to easily see where the malfunction occurred to prevent it from happening again.

Scalability: As a company expands, it generally requires IT systems that can keep up. Cloud computing reduces the efforts of supply chain management to rebuild the system or purchase additional compute power.

Security: The cloud keeps your most sensitive data secure, visible only to those you trust, immutable to prevent fraud, and safe from third-party risk, which saves you from loss of money, damage of reputation, and gives you control over many cybercrimes.

Cloud computing promotes the development of more secure, robust intellectual supply chains.

So, embark on a digital journey with cloud services provided by MSRcosmos and stay connected with your customers from anywhere. We will help you with our global experience to make the best use of technology and solutions to rebuild your business.

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Azure: Stake of tomorrow’s tech world

In the tech world, Azure started spreading its roots very widely. The reason which is responsible for it is its reachability across the globe with a vast range of data centers and regions covered. It has more regulatory and security certifications, as well as SLAs and indemnification for a huge proportion of its core services. One of the main reasons for the growth of Microsoft Azure is its largest partner network

After the pandemic, the global importance of automation of things is realized to reduce human intervention and effort, so Microsoft Azure had targeted to make hardware more efficient, flexible, and scalable in a cost-effective way. It gives more options, customization, and cost savings to customers. Azure will continue to offer the option of purchasing services directly from the company.

In 2025, Microsoft is preparing for the proliferation of smart homes, smart offices, and smart cities with the Internet of things(IoT), Business Intelligence(BI), Machine Learning(ML), Artificial Intelligence(AI). The Internet of Things (IoT) will give way to the ‘Internet of Everything’. AI will connect people to their devices, offices, and cities, which it estimates will generate 250 petabytes of data per day So many of the systems running on the cloud for data storage so, Microsoft is an innovative machine when it comes to the cloud Microsoft made Azure the backbone of big data clusters, advanced analytics, BI services, machine learning, and AI.

Security is the most important concern when dealing with large amounts of data, Microsoft prioritizes cybersecurity research and development and invests more than USD 1 billion annually. Microsoft is planning for virtual machines which should encrypt temp disks, caches, and data flows between computing and storage resources. Azure is improving to save time spent on due diligence and reference checking. Increasing the efficiency of threat intelligence workflows and the overall visibility of threats targeting the organization. Microsoft envisions building super OS. Microsoft Azure in health care increases security, scales faster, and improves data coordination.

Microsoft intends to bring open-source cloud hardware to reality with one of its projects Olympus. This project aims to design an open-source cooperative cloud infrastructure standard that will provide data center and enterprise services. They are trying to design that standards should be CPU independent and minimizing the dependency of software developers on hardware drivers and CPU specifications. It has Targeted the Creation of hardware to be robust, flexible, as well as scalable in terms of capacity.

Microsoft overlooks ways to accelerate their workloads for the available flash storage. The cost of SSD deployment is reduced with Denali’s split approach. Besides that, Denali allows the development of both hardware and software for datacentre applications. Development of dedicated silicon capable of managing data across entire datacentres at high speeds using Denali-compliant SSDs will be possible.

Microsoft’s Cerberus is focusing on providing a safeguard for all platform firmware. In the entire process of pre-boot to runtime, it serves as a hardware root of trust for motherboard firmware (UEFI BIOS, BMC, Options ROMs) and peripheral I/O devices by imposing stricter access control and verification of the integrity

Ultimately, Microsoft Azure will be a critical enabler of the next technology wave, data, and AI as it has evolved into an essential infrastructure for the connected world.

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