Business Transformation through Advanced Analytics: How?

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That we are well and truly in the digital age is beyond any doubt. There could still be some naysayers but one cannot deny for long the fact that big-data and analytics are here to stay for good to revolutionize all walks of life. Most acknowledge the power these equip us with to not only challenge the status-quo but also to help us enhance the quality of living in general through many mediums such as business, governance, education, health, social aspects, and security – to name a few, and to spur our overall growth and prosperity.

But adoption of big-data and analytics warrants that there is confidence in the capabilities (of data analytics), the vision to see beyond the ordinary and, above all, the willingness and patience to explore the hereto unexplored areas that could hold so much promise that’s being let pass by idly.


While that being said, there are also those progressive companies and organizations which have adopted big-data and analytics for bettering their business performance and who have now taken it a notch above by extending their investment into advanced analytics – from knowing just what happened and how, they’re now empowering themselves and their personnel with the capacity -with a reasonable degree of assurance – to better predict and forecast business outcomes beyond the ‘what can’ to the ‘by how much’ and further to hinting at the various ways (as indeed the best possible way) to achieve business outperformance, organizational efficiency, and general good.

Advanced analytics is an all-encompassing approach and, hence, citing a couple use-cases may not bring forth all the amazing possibilities that can be realized through information, insight, decision, and action (From the intricate ‘What needs to be changed? What will happen if a process is changed? And What else can be done for the better?’ to just ‘What happened & when? Why it happened, etc.’).

It is really about choosing the right approach and, accordingly, the right combination of the type or types of analytics from amongst graph analytics, facial recognition, predictive, prescriptive, pre-emptive, behavioral, GIS-enabled, text, and social media sentiment analytics, and text and data mining, etc.

But, let it not bother you. There’s help coming your way from us. We here at MSRCosmos will try to bring more authority into what we are saying through demos and free-trial offers. They are aimed to help you demystify advanced analytics ever so easily so that you are in a position to readily put them to use to get the most value out of your business data as well as get a glimpse of the various new ways in which to generate additional revenues.

You will get to experience first-hand the industry-specific advanced analytics solutions we have created that encompass:

  • Facial recognition (Not just image matching but much more than that such as face identification and verification, emotion detection and attention gauging, multi-face recognition, demographics identification, and much more)
  • Text analytics (Read what lies between the lines when people – your target audience- talk about you or a reference is made about you, anywhere online)
  • Social media sentiment analysis (Gauge audience sentiment -about your company & its offerings- hidden in the comments, posts, and shares on various social media that have even the slightest mention about your business), and
  • GIS-enabled analytics (Various analytics solutions that get impetus with nature’s help in better preparing your business to face situations created before and after the occurrence of natural catastrophes in terms of response, recovery, prevention, detection, assessment, and preparedness).

This is a suite of smart-analytics solutions that you can test with your business data and see the results on use-friendly interfaces with the help of our visualization solutions, to be able to make better sense of it.

Click here to register for a demo or, better still, a free-trial of an industry-solution that suits your needs.

Write in to us ( or call us (925 399-4218) if you have any specific query regarding advanced analytics.
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