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My name is Devi Kondapi and I am the CEO of MSRCosmos.

MSRCosmos has been founded in 2008, and we started off as a consulting services company and we quickly grew up to be an enterprise-level global services, products, and solutions company.

And we offer the solutions in products to shape the businesses and lives through technology.

Recently, we are we won an award, we are recognized as the Cloud Company of the Year for 2020.

And not only that, I am recognized as the top 10 inspiring CEOs by the analytics insight, and which is not only a proud moment for me, but it is proud moment for company as well. So our Company stands for innovation, that’s in our DNA and we stand by our word. We promise our delivery and we dream big and we trust to transparency, we make it matter and we win as a team.

These are the things that we stand for. And these are the things that MSRCosmso cares about. So to bring in each one of these. So to innovate the kind of products we are innovating to deliver, the kind of solutions we will be delivering our customers and to also win the kind of deals and to win the kinds of recognition to win the kind of awards and to win the kinds of customer success stories that we have done till date.

It’s not possible without a diverse culture, the diversification of the company So I also must encourage my team. And I am the CEO of the company and I’m a woman entrepreneur a so that’s the best example of how I will save, encourage diversity in our company.

Not only that, we are an equal opportunity employer. So we have a mix of people from different cultural and geographical backgrounds. And that can give different kinds of thoughts to the table that can bring different types of thoughts to the table.

And that’s exactly what is required to be a successful team. It really strengthens the company, It really encourages the employee to bring in their full potential because it really challenges and compliments each other, So it really brings in a healthy competition. Diversity definitely helps Like a mentioned before, it not on strengthens the team, but it also brings in different perspectives to a problem or a solution.

So it’s never like one mind thinking through the whole thing. It’s different minds coming together to bring in a single solution So it’s very important that the diverse culture and the diverse thoughts and merged together to arrive to a solution.

So we need people that can think across as well as that can think and deep dive. So the combination of these two, which is like how this quality gesture that’s really important to be successful in a project. As a woman leading a company, it’s not a cake walk, like for anybody.

It’s definitely a roller coaster ride for me from the beginning and I’ve learned through my journey. And I’ve learned from the experience that this role has presented me. And I’ve totally taken every feedback that I received my way. And I’ve used it to only make myself better. And throughout my journey, I should really appreciate all the team members that have really supported me and all the diverse work source in the company that have really being with me all along.

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