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In the present era of digital development, organizations find it exceedingly challenging to constantly maintain the efficiency of their businesses. They must adjust quickly to a continuously-changing market. They must scale up or down their systems and resources in a dynamic as and when demanded. While doing this, businesses need to ensure that they are not putting their operations in trouble. Cloud Automation provides businesses with the scalability and agility to stay competitive in this constantly-changing landscape. We all are aware that Cloud computing has become an increasingly significant element for the revolution of businesses across almost all industries. So has the process of cloud automation.  Cloud automation is such a procedure that automates all the cloud management processes by making the most out of technology. Thus, reducing human assistance as relying on the human workforce and traditional methods results in loss of quality and increases the cost incurred.  

Now the main question arises, why is it important and how does it benefit businesses?  

Automation has come a long way from just being a trend to becoming a crucial step in a successful cloud migration journey. For industries, it is nearly impossible to track, maintain, scale, and secure resources manually. Thus, efficiently managing both the on-site and cloud-based environments has become a challenge for businesses. The heterogeneous IT infrastructure caused by the cloud can cause prominent operational issues. Now that the pandemic has almost settled, IT chiefs are looking for modernization and integration in hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures. Cloud automation for enterprises improves consistency, scalability, and speed as it unites Hybrid and multi-cloud environments effectively. Cloud automation pays off when you get through the initial stages and achieve the ability to carry out complex processes at the click of a button.  

Gartner projects that by the year 2024, more than 45% IT spending will shift from traditional models to cloud. Automation will be a major player to eliminate complexities wherever possible. Cloud automation has a vital role to play in the modern-day enterprise. Beyond the benefit of eliminating manual work, cloud automation provides other additional benefits like: 

Enhances security and resilience- While automating sensitive tasks, you won’t require numerous developers or individuals. With this, cloud automation reduces the risk of human error. Automated workflows can build and enforce the best security principles in all of your deployments. 

Simplifies IT focus- The IT teams must leverage cloud automation to perform all the tasks, even the most ordinary tasks. As automation is a power multiplier, it helps your IT streamline all the operations. Therefore it clears all the resources that are unused and promises optimum utilization of necessary ones. 

Improves backup processes- Organizations need to back up their system continually to safeguard against equipment failure, cyber-attacks, and accidental erasure of data. Cloud automation backups on the cloud or on-premise systems automatically. Thus, improving an organization’s strength to disaster. 

Decreases IT Infrastructure Costs- Studies disclose that 70% of IT finance is utilized in maintaining the traditional systems, while 30% is spent in enhancing productivity and efficiency. Studies disclose that 70% of IT finance is utilized in maintaining the traditional systems, while 30% is spent in enhancing productivity and efficiency. Automating tasks naturally eases costs and allows team to focus on further planning. 

Improves governance- Cloud automation enables you to set up resources in a controlled manner, which makes it easier for you to have much more authority over infrastructure running across your organization. 

There are more considerable advantages that Cloud Automation can contribute to your business. Understanding what you can automate and which tool can help you achieve the required level of automation is crucial for leveraging the cloud effectively. The main difference between these tools lies in checking whether they support one or multiple clouds, whether they are available in open source or only as paid. One thing to bear in mind about cloud automation is that DevOps and cloud automation go hand-in-hand, and it is next to impossible to do one without the other. It is high time now to identify and automate crucial processes that can enhance your cloud capabilities and ease the infrastructure burden. 

Why MSRcosmos? 

Cloud automation is the only way to leverage the most out of the cloud environment. It is not built into the cloud- it requires expertise and the use of technical tools. No matter what type of cloud you deploy, the workloads should be open source. Everything you deploy will be highly consistent across the most popular and our partner cloud providers- Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud. With one-of-a-kind of interoperability, you can use the precise automation platform or module across every cloud you use. Partner with us to ensure agility and business scalability.  

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