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Organizations are now slowly getting seized of the benefits of DevOps – the concept / culture / strategy / paradigm that is likely to usher in a paradigm shift in how the IT business community harnesses DevOps to ensure efficient and timely delivery. A DevOps anchored model holds much promise in the future for business enterprises of all types; regardless of the extent of dependency business operations have on their IT infrastructure.

What’s DevOps?

It is, as it stands today, the agile-scrum development methodology hinged to a seamless collaboration between the developers and the IT operations team.

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Agility & collaboration seem to be of utmost importance here, for collaborative efforts within the IT ecosystem (i.e. the development and IT operations teams) ensure a very fruitful product or solution life-cycle, thus, in the process, enhancing ROI. From conceptualization, coding, reviewing, quality assurance, to deployment, monitoring and, support and maintenance, the synergy between the development and the IT operations teams will go a long way in accruing the benefits of the agile development methodology. The immediate benefits being cutting down on the latency from the development-to-delivery cycle leading to faster time-to-market and currency in the marketing of all the offerings, which means more visibility and, hence, increased adoption of the service offering or solution. This amounts to enabling increased patronage and, brand recognition and association. One would like to think that all these combined can potentially result in increased revenues and profitability.

Now, back to the point of how DevOps will likely aid in its own way a more efficient data and analytics driven business culture for most enterprises, if not all. One can argue that the big-data way is, perhaps, not the be-all and end-all of it. In fact, like DevOps, it is still in the nascent stages of its development as a full-blown IT strategy or practice.

The point being, since real-time data analytics -the off-shoot of big-data analytics– is increasingly proving to be the fulcrum of business decision-making, DevOps with its omni-present and omni-productive self (if it can be said) can perfectly play the complementary role to analytics.

How and when is not really difficult to decipher. Faster time-to-market meaning faster delivery of features & functionalities in a relatively stable operating environment allows for more time to add value to the product or service being offered. This is possible with the application of real-time analytics at every interaction that the end-customer has with the business. Every digital footprint the interaction leaves is a source for introspection, review, and course-correction (as the case may be), or simply, to just offer more value – e.g. a great user experience. This can be determined through analytics on streaming data, the results of which can then be used, as we all know, to find some actionable insights such as to identify a business opportunity that is knocking the door, or a concern nested in the type of behavior or interaction needing immediate attention, and so on.

The actionable aspects that relate to an IT solution or offerings or a business process enabled by IT, can be easily addressed if one has adopted the DevOps culture in the enterprise.

So, as it turns out, the scenario could look something like the one depicted in the image below.

MSRCosmos  devops

As we can see, it is likely to be a win-win situation for all types of stake-holders the DevOps team, the business decision-makers and, the customers. Analytics enabling decision-making towards course-correction or feature(s) addition(s) and DevOps facilitating the fructification of those decisions and the most important entity, customer, availing the benefits of the engagement with the brand or product or service.

All in all, here’s anticipating, like the Dev-Ops combo, a purposeful DevOps-Analytics combo in the not-so distant future, for delivering just the right solutions, at the right time!
– Vikas


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