Santa’s Digital Christmas

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Finally, there is some time off coming in Christmas. After a long work-from-home or office cycle, we can all relax and enjoy the gifts that Santa brings us. Santa is bringing us a lot of gifts! Two in particular—AI and robotics process automation. Santa Claus has been very meticulous and careful so that two billion children their Christmas gifts, Despite the pandemic, two billion children are going to get their gifts on time.

So, how is Santa able to do this in this modern world? Like any other business, Santa too has adopted practices and technology that can streamline his North Pole operations. Most of his helpers are now freed from doing repetitive tasks and are focusing on making and delivering toys and doing their job more effectively. Santa is running a data-first enterprise after shifting his operations to a digital Christmas setup.

Using MSRcosmos AI, Robotics Process Automation, and Machine learning, Santa has promised to deliver toys and bring smiles to little one’s faces. Santa looked at big data and knew he had to innovate or stay behind. Santa knew that by learning from data, robotics process automations can solve pre-defined problems or tasks. So, what kind of data does Santa have?
Sant’s Digital Christmas

Santa receives millions of letters from sweet little children every Christmas and sometimes, way before Christmas. Santa’s elves work through the letters by reading each one of them, then filing them away. Sometimes, filing away can be difficult since the letters need room to store, and Santa only has so much room in his North Pole abode. For the elves, finding the right information at the right time is also a challenge. Letters may even go missing, much to the sorrow of the little child who wrote it.

That’s why Santa decided to shift to a digital Christmas and used his big data to his advantage by implementing Optical Character Recognition (OCR). All the elves need to do is scan the letters and they will be stored digitally into a CRM system. Here, the name, address and wish of the children are recorded in new entries if this is their first letter or updated entries if they are repeat authors.

Using AI, robotics process automations, and machine learning, Santa’s elves can watch the computer do the work for them as the letter goes to the naughty pile or nice pile based on scoring and Santa’s oversight. Using a pre-defined list of good and bad activities, and a scoring system, Santa’s elves can watch the letter be defined as nice or naughty. AI bots and machine learning comes in very handy in this instance, eh?

While project digital Christmas is activated, the elves can catch some much-needed Zs as they do not have to do anymore repetitive or time-consuming tasks. The elves are happier as they no longer need to read, sort, store and recall all the letters that they receive. So, Santa is happy!

But what about the impact of Covid? It has reached the North Pole and many little elves have sadly been taken off the line because of it. They need to be in their own homes to recover so Santa has a much shorter staff than ever before.

However, there is no worry when project digital Christmas takes off. Using the big data, AI, robotics process automations, and machine learning, Santa can learn which of the elves had to miss work due to Covid and which had to leave the job with the CRM system. Santa has around 1 million elves working for him at any given time. He needs that many elves if he wants to send presents to children on time. So, what if he used a robotic workforce that can be scaled up or down to cope with resource fluctuations, workforce fluctuations and other problems?

Using CRM, Santa can shift elves across departments where if demand for one type of product is down, he can move elves to another type of product which is more in demand. No longer are the elves making gifts that nobody wants anymore. They can get job satisfaction by watching the children get exactly what they asked for.

Finally, Santa is ready to set off to trot the globe and give children around the world a wonderful smile. But Rudolph is tired and might delay Santa. No problem! In this new digital Christmas, Santa uses an automated mapping system which cross-references data with Google maps. With this technology, Santa can hit all the stops quickly and bright Rudolph home in time to celebrate Christmas with his friends. This digital Christmas is not just great for Santa and his workers but also for you with MSRcosmos. Come join us and make your Christmas a digital one!.

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