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Business transformation transcends all industries, and all borders – geographical and otherwise too. And with it, brings a galore of challenges as well as opportunities. Challenges in terms of keeping pace with the ever-changing needs of customers vis-à-vis their behaviours, consumption patterns, and, accordingly, meeting their expectations – all this in the face of a globalized business atmosphere where every entity worth its salt is trying to woo customers to its fold – by every means at their disposal.

So what are the opportunities…?

However, therein lie the opportunities as well: While aspects like how well seized one is of its target market and audience; what all is the competition doing; how do one’s offerings compare with those of the competition; and above all, how well prepared one is to face both the current as well as the future business implications — are difficult questions to answer, they also come laced with a myriad range of opportunities for the one who is adequately equipped. The opportunities are driven by the businesses proffering their customers with scores of touch-points – to interact with the brand and its offerings and consume them (as the case may be).

Now these touch-points, through the course of normal business and related activity, generate data. This data grows huge as time passes by and businesses expand and diversify to make themselves easily available to their customers through various form-factors such as web, mobile, and so on.

Data doesn’t wither…when it’s big….really big!

Every industry is experiencing a “multi-dimensional” expansion of data, the key dimensions being the volume, variety, veracity, and velocity. Since businesses put huge investments into their business data management to cater better to the needs of various fronts – verticals, geographies, etc., there comes a situation when the data grows so huge that managing it becomes difficult – what with it being stored in multiple databases and, of various varieties. Getting to the precious information that lies within this mountain of information becomes difficult.

So what do we have..?

Flexibility in managing the data, scalability in storing and the ability to mine/analyze it have become strategically relevant to most industries. The conventional ETL cycle has its set of challenges. Hadoop came along and simplified it to an extent. However, it’s not enough to just load ‘big data’ into Hadoop. The data must yield valuable business insights that can enable leaders to take practical decisions.

OK…what’s the way forward?

One could be that we find a smart and simple solution for transferring into Hadoop HDFS / HBase / Hive / Impala (A), a variety of data – structured, unstructured from various databases, flat files, social media, images etc.; huge volumes of data – GBs, TBs, PBs; and data of different velocity – real-time, near-real time, batch or streaming data.

Then, the solution must also be able to parallelly transfer data from several data sources, single or multiple selection of tables/views for transfer.

It would be great if the solution also has a job scheduler with real-time monitoring and the ability to load data to HDFS, HBase, Hive & Impala, simple: all this with a modern yet simple user interface.

Last but not the least, the solution should also have in-built domain specific reports and analytics.

Is that enough…?

Nope. Since change is the only constant we know, there must also be continued and effective support well complemented by innovation. In order to sustain and succeed in an increasingly evolving, competitive and global business atmosphere, enterprises need to constantly innovate. While we will never be able to fully control the future of businesses, what we can do is to think-through far ahead and then be able to conjure up practical and tangible solutions for the foreseeable future of businesses, trends, and the resulting scenarios.

What does it all mean?

Well, we all know that no software or technology product ever built was perfect. Nor is it going to be ever. No matter how comprehensive a product may be, time will definitely test the veracity of it through the course of its journey – questioning its full relevance. Therefore, it is well worth and prudent even, to align with a partner who can traverse along all the way, and do so ably.

Come again…

Ok…here you go: What it implies is that having on-board a trusted partner with proven capabilities such as

  • A company with at least one Centre-of-Excellence
  • That partners with major cloud and big data companies
  • Possess extensive big data experience encompassing many a vertical
  • Demonstrated faster turnaround times aided by a huge pool of resources
  • Certified technology professionals giving impetus to all R&D and innovation
  • Demonstrated and documented Proofs-of-Concept (POCs) – if one really wants to talk about innovation. You know what I mean?
  • It would be open to embrace co-innovation and, hence, pave the way for ushering in futuristic and practical products or services.
  • ….and some more

Will not only help you in keeping upto speed with all the latest technological innovations vis-à-vis customer engagement perspective, but will also help in meeting customer needs, and hence the business needs far more pro-actively through excellent big data and related services.

MSRCosmos, with its extensive technology expertise – especially multiple big-data implementations, and cross-domain know-how, checks all the boxes.

Check our big-data client successes here:

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