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Cloud computing is the system under which data is stored digitally with the help of online servers rather than using personal servers. this helps in increasing the efficiency of the entire process and allows the company to work on other key aspects. This forms the backbone of cloud infrastructure.

Cloud infrastructure is mass-scale use of cloud computing to provide services to users based on different models such as software, platform, and infrastructure as services based on their needs, each of these services are focused to smoothen the process for the customers.

Types of approach –

Infrastructure as a code although works through automation it is important to give direction to the approach which is to be used to derive the desired outcome the following are the two approaches used in IOC.

  • Step by step – step by step also known as the imperative approach is where the user specifies the exact sequence of steps to be followed in the process and the system would adhere to them and not deviate from the given instructions.
  • Output-oriented approach – Also known as declarative approach Under this approach the user needs to only specify the desired output, Steps & tools.

Current problems –

Under the traditional system, each software had to be uploaded manually into each connected device; this would hinder the efficiency of the process at large and business operations would suffer. With increasing competition and extensive use of cloud infrastructure, it became important to reduce human intervention by automating the process.

  •  Intensive – developing a cloud-based system without using infrastructure as code requires a great pool of resources on cost and human resources since the process had to be repeated for all companies.
  • Time-consuming – due to excess dependence on human intervention the time take to set up the process and make it running was huge.
  • Human Error – Since all the processes were done manually the error rate in the process would shoot up and would come to light only after the completion which made it hard to check everything once again right from scratch.

Benefits –

  • Low Processing time – With automated processes and limited human intervention the ability to process the codes right from uploading to get them running can be reduced.
  •  Origin – The origin of the code can be traced easily in infrastructure as a code system.
  • System check – Using infrastructure as code can help to check the system health anytime which will ultimately help in reducing blackout times.
  • Uniform structure – under infrastructure as code it becomes easier for the services provider to have uniformity in its services.
  • Quick Update – using Infrastructure as code helps in easy and quick updating of the code when needed since it can be done automatically across all the parts in the system.
  • Cross function – since everything is connected to remote servers makes accessibility easier for everyone participants can work on multiple projects in a collaborative manner.
  • Server blackout – in case of any disaster at the servers it gets easier to get the servers back online since everything will be automated.

Best Practices –

Adopting anything new is easier said than done hence it becomes important to first know the best practices of the system and then do it in a phased manner so as to reduce chances of errors. The following are some of the best practices under infrastructure as code.

  • Use time – it’s important to update according to the new technologies for the ones who are still not using infrastructure as a code it would be a huge change to go from completely manual to completely machine-oriented so it would be advised that they take professional help for this company like MSRcosmos help companies in this transition.
  • Code Approach – a change in the process means a change in the approach of. infrastructure as a code works in an automated manner hence it becomes important to convert all the data into codes from the initial phase so as to reduce chances of errors.
  • Trials – Under infrastructure as code everything works in a coded manner hence it becomes important to first run the codes to check for errors before uploading them on the system.
  • Long-life – using servers and tech supports of best quality along with the right partners makes the developing infrastructure immutable since the tech used need not be touched after their deployment.
  • Level approach – with multiple parties in the picture it is important to make sure that everyone is using the same platform and same version which helps in reducing processing timings for codes. This also helps in tracking the changes back to the member who did them and thus reducing the discrepancy.
  • Adaptability – with an increase in demand for this kind of infrastructure it becomes important to develop the modules which can be used by everyone in the process, can be used in other projects as well with minor changes this will help in reducing costs.

The demand for infrastructure as code has increased tremendously over the past few years this poses a great threat to the companies working under the traditional technology even today but it might so happen that some companies would jump into the tide of this wave without realizing their needs at core hence it becomes important that companies first understand their needs and requirements and then use specialized tools for them since single tool won’t be able to ease out the operations entirely. MSRcosmos is leading this process in this process.

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