Who should be your cloud partner?

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Transformation to Cloud

Cloud streamlines the complexity of your IT set-up to a meaningful extent. It optimizes hardware needs (makes you asset-light), takes out technology obsolescence (upgrades, maintenance, etc.) and brings down capital costs considerably (especially those of operating systems, power and man-power), ensures a seamless omni-channel operational structure that enables easy data access and analytics, besides, of course, offering you the operational flexibility vis-a-vis using it per your need.

But transition to cloud is a multi-faceted change: Process, Behavioral, and Cultural. Is your organization ready yet?

That is where the role of a proven and capable cloud partner becomes so critical for your business transformation.

Cloud Partner

Let’s see as to what could be the credentials of a truly effective cloud partner:

  • Choice of engagement models
  • Provides multiple cloud platforms support (& services)
  • Stature as ‘Cloud Supremos’ (Presence of architects)
  • Flexibility – Add / delete services on-demand
  • Suitability of the partner’s security, compliance, and other services across the breadth of cloud platforms available in the market
  • High Availability – minimal or no outage
  • Competence and preparedness for risk mitigation
  • Superior SLAs (verifiable track-record of the performance – failure penalties, number of virtual machines under replication, etc., & the delivery mechanism)
  • Proven cloud management capability (transparent, consistent, & ever vigilant)
  • Certificates (compliance to industry standards) for security & compliance
  • Support structure (quality measurement mechanism in-place, emergency response, performances, appraisals, analysis, etc.)
  • Shared responsibility

The list above, admittedly, captures the most predominantly impactful aspects, and there could be any number of less critical yet good qualities in an able cloud partner that will facilitate a very smooth transformation to cloud of your enterprise IT.


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