Why is Microsoft Azure and SAP’s Partnership Beneficial to the Tech World?

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Microsoft Azure and SAP’s strong partnership of more than 25 years benefited many organizations in different aspects. During this pandemic, the human lifestyle is rising with the solution offered by the tech world. E-commerce and supply chains play an important role in sustaining our societies, economies, and front-line workers, to whom we owe a great deal. SAP and Microsoft have become the digital backbone to run the supply chain smoothly.

The benefit of this collaboration starts with serving cost-effective solutions as they don’t have to maintain legacy infrastructure and data centers. When infrastructure goes out of support then one can migrate to Azure. The manpower required for data maintenance is utilized for some other task, once the data is loaded on the cloud. Which again results in cost-cutting in staffing.

Key features include: 

  • Data Replication for backup

Azure data center is spread across multiple regions which makes it the most popular as a platform among all the other cloud services offered. In a disaster, one region can act as a backup for another. It also offers rapid Go-To-Market with cloud services which means one can deploy their software quickly in the market.

  • Added Advantage on app services

Organizations that run their SAP solutions on Azure can use SAP apps and data in Microsoft Teams and Office apps in Microsoft 365 to improve collaboration and user experience. Businesses moved their mission-critical SAP estate to Azure to achieve a reduction in TCO and deployment cycle time.

  • Better security and Easy Migration

A heavy amount of data can be handled over cloud. That data might be sensitive. Securing this data can be quite difficult but a team of 3500 cybersecurity experts ensure the security at Azure. Innovations offered by SAP and Azure keeps businesses updated with the changing trends of technology. Cloud adoption gives you guidance on how Azure functionality can be leveraged. The SAP hosting provider has an open option to migrate to Azure for contract renewal.

Pay for only what is used” is a key feature that makes Azure more popular.

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