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Cloud and its role in the digital transformation journey of a leading IT service provider

Case Study - Azure, Cloud, SAP

Promise Delivered.

Client Overview:
The client is a leading IT services provider with a global presence, serving 2000+ customers.
Seizing The Moment To Build A Better Digital Future
The client wanted to make progress with their digital transformation journey. They wanted to move their whole internal SAP instances to cloud, which included:

  • 36 instances for the Linux server
  • 20 instances for Windows server
  • 5000+ users across the globe


  1. Selection of a cloud partner
    • After learning about different cloud partners and the benefits each offered, client identified Microsoft Azure as the ideal cloud partner. They chose to migrate to Azure for three main reasons: cost, strategy, and speed. They saw a big cost advantage with SAP to Azure migration, and the strategic advantage from their relationship with Microsoft and the capabilities it brings.
  1. Process
    • Being a CMM Level 5 company, to ensure stability of the migration, client requested process mocks be done. Before going ahead with the mocks, MSRCosmos did its usual migration checks where potential fault lines were identified. One of the priorities was to focus on SAML integration.

MSRCosmos took a consultative approach, being an SAP & Azure expert, MSRCosmos reconfirmed the client’s estimations on:

  • Provisioning
  • Virtual Memory
  • High Availability & Disaster Recovery

Post the step MSRCosmos carried 3 mocks.

Mock 1 Mock 2 Mock 3
  • Configuration of SAML
  • Active Directory integration
  • Identify potential fault lines
  • Configuration of SAML
  • Active Directory integration
  • Minimize or bring down the fault lines to zero
  • Configuration of SAML
  • Active Directory integration
  • Go-live readiness check for 100% cloud migration success
Functional Validation | Performance testing | Integration testing (with 3rd party apps) Security testing | DR & BC

A rigorous protocol was followed which ensured that all the key parameters were monitored to ensure flawless migration. Since 5000+ users were migrated during the process, to ensure business continuity necessary configurations were carried out for HA clusters for Windows & Linux servers.

Thereafter, when the final sign off was received from the client post the mock ups, the team went ahead with the migration. The team was given full access to the client’s infrastructure.

Business Benefits To The Client

The 3 mocks ensured:

  • Interruption free and 100% successful migration
  • Reduced downtime
  • Avoided risks both pre- and post-deployment
  • Help run a seamless service

Things were fine-tuned with every mock up. A few things that were taken into consideration when carrying out the mocks:

  • Application single sign on challenge
  • AD and OS integration where version issues could come into picture
  • In-house migration methodologies

MSRCosmos successfully carried out both Physical Onsite Audit + Remote Implementation. One major challenge stood in the way: the global lockdown due to COVID-19 outbreak. The project was big and so were the roadblocks for a seamless implementation. To overcome this challenge, the client trusted us and gave remote access to critical infrastructure to complete the migration.

Successfully migrated workloads to Azure

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the client, cloud provider – Azure, and MSRCosmos, the monumental migration was completed in just three months – from initial planning to GO LIVE. Client’s entire SAP system now runs on Azure, making it easily accessible and scalable for their workforce.

A few highlights:

  • Final mock (M3) to Azure migration in a span of a week – despite COVID-19 induced lockdown
  • SAP to Azure migration done ‘ON TIME’ and within budget

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