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A data solution for a leading CRO to allow scale and performance as the business needs grew.

Case Study - Clinical Research

Promise Delivered.

Our Client:
A US-based Contract Research (CRO) / Contract Commercial (CCO) organization, a global leader in clinical services from early phase trials through phase III / IV, and inclusive of commercialization activities such as branding, market access, and promotion.

The Business Challenge
Bringing a promising new medicine from discovery to market is a costly endeavor. On average, only 1 in 10 will ever make it to consumers, and of those, as few as 10% are considered financially successful by the sponsoring company. With drug development, testing, and commercialization efforts taking 5 or even 10 years at a cost of $1B or more, eliminating waste and controlling risk throughout the process is paramount to the success of Life Science companies.

The scope of a clinical trial is massive, often multi-country with multiple sites within each country where subjects (patients) will visit to participate in the study. With potentially thousands of subjects spread across the globe visiting trial sites on a weekly basis, one can imagine the logistics required to ensure the safety of those involved (priority number one) and the amount of data that is captured in order to assess efficacy.
MSRCosmos understands the data imperative when working with Life Science customers and was prepared to help in this circumstance. Without accurate, clean, and consistent data, the ability to perform analytics – dashboards, predictive, prescriptive – was in question and our client could not ensure the timely outcome of the clinical trial process, resulting in delays in delivering life-altering medicine to those who need it.

The Data Imperative
The source data in clinical trials is diverse, coming from over a dozen systems across clinical, operational, and financial applications. Some of the data is structured in relational constructs while other data is semi-structured or possibly unstructured, such as images. The time to acquire, process, and analyze these large data sets had to be minimized to allow for continuous observation and decision making by medical professionals and project staff.

MSRCosmos understood that a modern approach was needed to address the volume, velocity, and variety of these data sets so that client success would be assured.

Data solution for a leading CRO client

The Solution
Adopting a consultative approach, MSRCosmos solicited input from various stakeholders across client teams and partnered them with our solution architects, data scientists, and analytics experts. Starting with the business objective, this cross-functional team designed the solution from the ground up, making every decision the intersection where business outcomes are optimized through technology application.

The resulting platform – built upon leading big data constructs such as Hadoop, Apache NiFi, and Apache Spark – was architected to allow scale and performance as the client’s needs grew. The open-source model allowed the client to avoid costly proprietary approaches and gain access to the large pool of developer talent in the marketplace for such tools.

MSRCosmos believes in the Promise Delivered™ model that drives all of our associates every day. As we work closely with you to understand needs and objectives, we apply our industry and technical acumen to assure that the outcomes we achieve together will be beyond expectations.


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