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About Client:
Our client from the telecoms industry is one of the biggest carriers in the United States, catering to a subscriber-base of around 55 million in the US. All of those subscribers generate lot of data every day, which made it mandatory for the carrier to store the data in some kind of a warehouse. Client chose the HDP platform for storing this data as well as undertaking analytics on the data.

Business Requirement:
The FCC mandates that all telecoms providers submit a Rural Call Completion (RRC) report every quarter. This was aimed at assessing how telecoms companies are providing services to customers calling rural areas.
The issue was that when customers called rural areas, they experienced frequent call drops, no answers, line busy, etc. This likely happens when telecoms companies use low cost OCNs. There is also another requirement from FCC that mandates storing the raw data, used for filing Rural Call Completion report, for 6 months.

In order to provide the RCC report, it was required to daily collect (from the billing system) all the information of the calls made to rural areas, and store it in a format that would be readily available for analysis. But, the data is so huge – runs into Terabytes every month. That besides, it also contains subscriber information which needs to be protected. Thus, encryption at-rest had become a critical choice. Moreover, the solution should also meet the retention limits of the client for various types of data.
Employing traditional systems to store this data would be very expensive but obviously cost optimization was also a key aspect of the new solution. Thus, Hadoop was chosen. Now HDP is able to help the solution meet all the requirements and, primarily, generate the report in time for FCC.


The data solution provided is not only delivering on the basic premise on which it was built, it has also led to several data-related projects being spun-up subsequently at the client. Many teams such as marketing, finance, etc., are now using the data to undertake targeted marketing campaigns and for better financial planning. On top of it, the solution has also helped the client to analyze various network issues that led to measures being taken that have improved the quality of their network.

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