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ESB implementation helps our insurance client achieve scalability, seamless technology adoption, improved TAT, and heightended customer experience.

Case Study - BizTalk, MIddleware

Promise Delivered.

About Customer:
Client is a step-down subsidiary of a Mumbai-based conglomerate with presence in diversified sectors such as cement, telecom, insurance, financial services, asset management, etc. with a revenue of $4 Bn USD.

Business scenario:
As the client had initiated efforts to also venture out as a general insurance company in India, it had already in place an IT infrastructure that included various software applications and backward integrations with many external vendor (service providers, TPAs, etc.) apps too. But, all of these were siloed; which was rightly assessed as a set-up that was likely to affect the business functioning and, hence, the performance. Consequently, although considered a pre-emptive measure, the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) implementation had become a business imperative.

ESB (BizTalk Server 2016) was implemented encompassing ERPs, APIs of third party applications (about 20 of them!), and multiple databases. Being a first of its kind approach within the conglomerate’s business set-up, the key aspect of the implementation was its disconnected publish-subscribe architecture that helped in seamless enterprise application communication and much more.

MSRCosmos BizTalk


  • Easy scalability (adding / modifying / removing vendors/partners, and regardless of how it is used).
  • New technology addition without disrupting the functioning of existing systems.
  • Whether it is as simple a request as fixing up an appointment with an insurance executive or as complex a process as creating a new policy for a customer, or if it is verifying the documents of an insurance claim, regardless of what the process or function is, the ESB implementation cuts-down on process and response times, thus bringing down the sales-cycle time, improving TAT during claims, or just ensuring heightened customer experience for our client.

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