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SAP on Azure

Case Study - Agrochemicals, Azure, Cloud, Manufacturing, SAP

Promise Delivered.

Our Hong-Kong based client from the agrochemicals industry is a segment leader in East-Asia with operations spread across four affiliate offices around the world. S/4 HANA on Azure implementation by MSRCosmos resulted in transformed business operations and improved the bottom lines for the client.

Customer Scenario / Challenges:
Client wanted the SAP on Azure implementation to serve multiple purposes such as

  • Have a set-up in place that would ensure that the VMs are deployed only when they are required in the implementation timeline.
  • Scalability for cost optimization i.e. to be able to pay only for what was being consumed – especially in the case of on-demand business growth.
  • Addressing the security challenges post server deployment.
  • Address apprehensions about meeting the future demands of the business vis-à-vis IT infrastructure.

Our Solution:

  • Increased Virtual Network capacity on-demand to serve new SAP project requests with the help of Microsoft Azure Scalability techniques
  • Azure implementation helped in providing a faster and less expensive way to manage production-level test environments for client’s development team.
  • Azure facilitated personalized and scalable digital campaigns to connect with worldwide customers.
  • Simplified and sped up the process of building and testing applications across every platform of Azure.
  • Leveraged reserved instances in conjunction with pay-as-you-go model to achieve optimum Azure costs.
  • Integrating with other solutions such as Internet-of-Things (IoT) Device Gateway, Hadoop, Predictive Analytics and Business Productivity made more feasible with deployment of SAP on Azure.


  • More than 50% cost savings on hosting SAP on Azure and gained the ability to turn off unused resources.
  • High level of agility in managing and provisioning the environment (provisioning in hours, not weeks).
  • Consistency in creation of environment and images.
  • By using the most upto date cloud technology client now has the ability to build, test and deploy infrastructure and applications faster.
  • Increased efficiency for specific types of SAP workloads such as development and test, and archives for regulators.

Interview: Microsoft with Geoff Less SAP to Azure migration.

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