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SAP landscape transformation (SLT) replication server

Case Study - Automotive, CPG, SAP, SAP HANA

Promise Delivered.

Our client is a Pennsylvania-based conglomerate plying in sectors such as auto-motives, consumer-packaged goods, e-Commerce, OEM controls, pharmaceuticals, & death-care industries, with a revenue of more than USD $1 Bn. We implemented a SLT Replication Server solution to bring all its reporting and business analytics up to speed with the times.

Business Challenges:
Client had in-place the revolutionary SAP HANA for running their OLTP (Transactional) and OLAP (Analytical) applications but they were still unable to perform real-time data analytics. This pegged back the efficiency of the financial and business decision-making processes.
The lack of real-time replication was preventing the client from leveraging the full potential of SAP HANA.
The traditional approach was proving to be not only highly expensive but was also risk-laden with constraints such as,

  • It took many years to finish projects
  • Management of functional expertise encapsulated in existing ERP assets could not be done
  • Historical data and on-going processes usually did not get transferred to new system(s)
  • Even when the data was converted at the database level, client risked losing SAP maintenance coverage

We proposed and implemented the SAP LT (Landscape Transformation) Replication Server which helped in achieving key objectives such as:

  • Seamlessly engaging with running systems, thus ensuring business continuity
  • Kicking-off with scenario analysis to choose the exact solution and target system
  • Time saving & cost-effective by operating directly at the database level
  • Safe-guarding / ensuring safety of historical data, running processes, and persistence of maintenance is assured.

Impact on Client Business:

  • Decision-makers now have assured reporting with latest business information, all owing to real-time and/or scheduled data replication
  • Analytical systems up-to-date with business information from the production environment
  • Support to acceleration of large-volume transactions run in SAP HANA
  • Synchronization between various systems (applications) enabled; ensured real-time reporting and minimized transfer volume for SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW)
  • Client is now able to utilize the full power of SAP HANA
  • Now the client is also equipped with capabilities for conversion and transformation to new business strategies such as
    • Estimating IT costs and decrease overall cost of ownership
    • Eliminating new business challenges at the IT level itself
    • Using existing corporate IT knowledge to invent new strategies
    • Recognizing best practices, explicitly industry-specific business processes, and IT strategies
    • Implementing IT governance
    • Realizing customer’s vision

Advantages of using SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server (“SLT”)
Providing real-time data at any point of time is one of the main features of SAP HANA and we ensured it did that well with the help of SLT (SAP Landscape Transformation) where real-time data is loaded to HANA from SAP as well as Non-SAP source systems.
SAP Landscape Transformation

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-Veera Kondapi
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