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Seamless SAP migration to Azure

Case Study - SAP

Promise Delivered.

About Customer:
Client is a major conglomerate in the APAC region plying its trade in sectors such as FMCG, Transportation, Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Leisure.

Client requirement:
1) Azure Infrastructure and firewall(s) one-time Setup Services
2) Basis One-Time Migration Services
3) Azure Infrastructure and firewall(s) Managed Services
4) SAP Basis Managed Services


  • Designed, implemented, and configured the solution for SAP Migration to Azure with certified techniques
  • Target database versions updated to latest supported version(s)
  • Installed Solution Manager as a new system on the target with the latest available 7.2 version with the existing modules
  • Solution Manager post-installation activities involved SGEN and applying latest support pack stack
  • SAP certified and DB certified tools and techniques used for the migration process ensuring minimum downtime
  • Merged existing firewalls subscriptions with new firewall set up after go-live.


  • Client now able to deploy on-demand its S/4HANA systems on Azure, and pay only for the active infrastructure usage
  • Client seamlessly moved to Azure its existing SAP systems running on all SAP supported databases
  • Right-sized the Azure infrastructure of older NetWeaver systems as business processes move out of those systems into S/4HANA
  • Ensured high availability and disaster recovery Client is now able to get high availability of mission-critical systems and robust disaster recovery capabilities when running SAP landscape in Azure. That besides, it is now using Azure Virtual Machines if there’s a requirement for heavy compute, storage and network resources, in minimal time, thus avoiding lengthy procurement cycles of on-premises cloud setups.
    1. High availability is achieved through a highly resilient architecture with active and standby systems which have databases running with data replication. Azure takes advantage of SAP HANA high-availability and disaster recovery capabilities with SAP HANA large instances, including:
      • Storage replication—Replicates data to another SAP HANA large instance stamp in another Azure region
      • SAP HANA system replication—Allows the replication of data in SAP HANA to a separate SAP HANA system
      • Host auto-failover—Recovers from the failure of a SAP HANA host with a local, fault-recovery solution
      • Virtual machines – High availability for SAP HANA set up in multiple cloud environments using Azure Virtual Machines.
    2. The implementation exceeds the capabilities of most on-premises disaster recovery solutions and at a low total cost of ownership, with Azure Site Recovery—an Azure service which has been tested and integrated with SAP applications.

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