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Transforming HR Landscape with Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce

Case Study

Promise Delivered.

The human resources (HR) plays a pivotal role in creating, reinforcing & transforming the culture in any given organization. Right from recruiting/ onboarding/running payrolls/managing performances/training & development to reinforcing the core values of the business, these essential elements of business culture are covered by “HR”.

Most of the organizations emphasize on placing the HR Team in a defensive position as many things might possibly go wrong if someone is not paying required attention toward the following matters:

  • Hiring Process (Onboarding & Offboarding the resources)
  • Compensation (providing competitive benefits and salaries to attract and retain top talent)
  • Employee morale (motivating employees, maintaining culture, and providing training)
  • Employee behavior (towards each other and as representatives of the organization)

About Blue Prism

Blue Prism is one of the most renowned & fastest growing Robotic Process Automation tools in the IT market today. Blue Prism now offers a new solution called “Digital Workforce” which not only reduces costs but also automates manual or repetitive activities of the human workforce & re-assign them to more strategic, high-value tasks.

In the HR scenario, mundane tasks such as Onboarding & Offboarding of resources in an organization can be taken care of by the Blue Prism Digital Worker. This gives human resources ample time to emphasize more on enhancing the employee experience & making HR more “human”.

HR Automation

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How MSRCosmos shaped the HR automation for one of its customers with help of Blue Prism

The Challenge

A renowned global data center with over 40 data centers operating under its umbrella in 3 continents & 30+ markets has reached MSRCOSMOS. They wanted to automate a part of their HR Process that could change the way they handled the Onboarding & Offboarding process of their employees. The current HR process was carried out from Headquarters, for all the employees from all three continents.

MSRCOSMOS identified use-cases such as – smooth & fast onboarding, assigning system to a user, providing access badge & assigning software licenses to the users, and commenced work using the Blue Prism robotic process automation (RPA) solution to improve the process.

The Solution

MSRCOSMOS applied its automation skills to solve the HR challenge. MSRCOSMOS carried out the end-to-end implementation of the solution using the Blue Prism robotic process automation tool. From smooth & fast onboarding, assigning system to a user, providing access badge to assigning software licenses to users, all were seamlessly automated with the help of the HR team, MSRCOSMOS consultants & respective application owners.

Key Outcomes

The automation solution has helped the HR team in their daily Onboarding & Offboarding activities.

  • It reduced the human workload
  • Redeployed HR into other strategic roles in the company which enhanced the employee experience
  • Improved turn round time of the HR process which simplified work for other departments that relied on them.

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