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Dairy farming has changed dramatically in recent decades. Farmers no longer spend hours hand milking each cow one at a time. Dairy producers have improved the daily quality of life for their herd, thanks to technological advancements. Constant innovation is necessary to ensure the dairy industry's success in the face of shifting customer preferences and numerous foreseen trends. Dairy foods supply multiple vital nutrients, including high-quality protein, while being accessible, easy, and inexpensive worldwide. Milk and dairy products produced, processed, and consumed in a sustainable manner benefit people and the environment and may contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

At MSRcosmos, we offer a fresh viewpoint to each software solution we build to reduce process-cycle time while lowering costs. We help the dairy industry in improving its availability and efficiency. Various services increase system transparency and aid in the early detection of problems in electrical and mechanical components. We aid in reducing energy and maintenance costs by allowing scheduled repair at the appropriate point in the production cycle.


  • Cloud-based data management to improve client's efficiency, productivity, collaboration, and uniformity.
  • Reduction of energy and maintenance costs & enhance profitability: The traceability solution improves supply chain efficiency by reducing the time and effort necessary to manage inventories, reconcile payments, products receivables, and invoices, and make contract management with vendors and suppliers, and retailers a breeze.
  • Enhanced brand value: This information substantially improves the product's value for the client by demonstrating product authenticity, product quality, and the narrative behind each product.
  • Milk quality traceability: Milk quality measurements may be taken and recorded on the blockchain platform along the supply chain. Once registered, the ultimate consumer may examine the data to ensure that they are receiving only pure milk.
  • System transparency and aid in the early detection of problems.
  • Data warehousing & analytics: Daily, modern dairy farms collect a tremendous amount of data via automated milking parlors and sensors, milk recording- and genetic services, or on-farm observation and data input. Blockchain aids in the storage and analysis of this data on cloud servers.
  • Smart contracts: Smart contracts assist farmers in increasing production while reducing waste and emissions, measuring performance, and increasing value chain transparency.
  • Technologies monitoring various parameters like nutrition, production, animal health, fertility, etc
  • Ensuring product safety and counterfeit: With blockchain's traceability, finding if the product is original or counterfeited is easier.


  • Data analytics to support decision making
  • To deliver excellent services, align with the industry's leading technology and application providers.
  • Customize and scale business analytics solutions as much as feasible.
We provide a custom-built solution for all of your issues, regardless of your company's unique demands.

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