Using digital transformation to revolutionize the Healthcare Industry and fulfill the promise of an improved customer experience through technology.


As a consequence of technological developments, the healthcare industry has undergone a substantial and beneficial shift. Modern diagnostic tools, cutting-edge therapies, and various minimally invasive procedures allow patients to recover more quickly and with minor discomfort.

Doctors can now add patient data and diagnosis information to a vast database that is accessible to doctors all around the world in the current era of high-tech healthcare. Doctors can treat patients sooner in the disease process if they can spot these tendencies first.

MSRcosmos uses a scalable and resilient IT infrastructure and automation to help make the digital transformation process smooth.

We provide end-to-end solutions to optimize hospital processes and the workflows of nurses, physicians, and other hospital personnel.


  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for digital patient profile: RPA helps with appointment scheduling, quick and secure payment processing, insurance claim administration, inventory and supply chain management, regulatory compliance, and large-scale health plan implementation, among other things.
  • Health analytics and data warehousing: Store and process sensitive patient data in highly secure settings, enable real-time data encryption and dynamic data masking, restrict data access, multi-factor user authentication, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing for healthcare DWH, etc.
  • Intelligent Chatbots: They do repetitive activities such as giving answers, sending emails, marketing, lead creation, and result analysis, among other things, in addition to carrying out conversations.
  • Clinical trials and Data Security: The blockchain's specific characteristics can significantly improve health data security. Each person has a public identification or key and a private key that can only be open for the length of time required. Blockchain gives a permanent audit trail for health data.
  • Smart contract: A smart contract on the blockchain can provide a safe link between a patient's medical data and appropriate medical advice.
  • Shared ledger blockchain solutions: Blockchain has the potential to provide a single system for storing and retrieving health information in a safe and timely manner by authorized users.
  • Application development and upkeep: Patients and health care professionals can use mobile applications to proactively address medical problems through near real-time monitoring and therapy, independent of the patient's or health care provider's location.
  • Drug traceability: With blockchain, drugs are issued with a timestamp, making them traceable with their origin and manufacturer details, making it hard to counterfeit the product.


  • Deliver best-in-class services in Business Intelligence & Analytics, Information Technology, Business Process Outsourcing, and Infrastructure Managed Services, including all healthcare operations.
  • Align with top technology and application vendors in the industry to provide quality services.
  • Implementing analytics for clinical, operational, and financial data.
  • Understanding of regulatory compliance in the healthcare industry.
  • A dedicated team of professionals.
  • Legally accountable validators.
  • Settlement finality.
  • Smart contracts and reduced counterparty risks using blockchain technology.
  • We improve data security and reduce costs using the Cloud.
MSRcosmos can help you innovate faster with a healthcare platform that gives your operations more flexibility and efficiency.

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