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Navigate your life science by delivering digital outcomes and remain relevant in the future by accelerating innovation.


Technology adoption in the field of life sciences has surged ahead by leaps and bounds. The life-science sectors are facing an urgent need to advance technologically in order to keep pace with the fast-growing demands and provide innovative outcomes to the patients. The need to collect, store and analyze patient records has led to the adoption of newer technologies in the healthcare industries.

We at MSRcosmos, strive to bring a fresh perspective to all the software solutions we create with an objective to cut down process-cycle time coupled with cost-reduction. Thus, rendering a competitive edge to our customer’s business. Our services deliver cost-effective, scalable, and robust systems which capture, store and analyze patients’ records that are complete, accurate, and easily accessible. Thus, adding value to your business.



The digital transformation of healthcare is crucial in this period of industrial advancement. The current crisis has severely disrupted the healthcare sector and requires an urgent mobilization of resources. With our services, healthcare companies can leverage technologies like AI, Cloud, and Analytics to gain digital enhancement. With our expertise in consulting, we deliver much more personalized healthcare systems and better patient outcomes to our clients.


We offer a full range of pharmaceutical solutions to deliver better and more personalized healthcare. With the help of Cloud, Data, Automation, AI, and Blockchain technology, our solutions can improve outcomes by speeding up drug discovery, storing sensitive data, reducing time to market new drugs, and developing more efficient and counterfeit-free products.

Medical Devices

With the help of our next-gen services like Cloud, Big Data, IoT, and Data Analytics, companies can meet the increasing demands by improving their product manufacturing and developing processes. MSRcosmos helps your business transform by enabling you to focus on delivering innovative products, simplified diagnosis, and treatment. Hence, creating healthier patients.


  • Application development.
  • Blockchain in healthcare.
  • Predictive analysis.
  • Implementation, maintenance, and support.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Change management.
  • Hand-holding, training, and orientation.
  • Technology-enabled process outsourcing.
  • Custom reporting.
  • Data warehouses.
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics.
  • Consulting and advisory services.
  • Hospital management systems.
  • Data privacy and security.


  • Data consolidation of all units.
  • Reduced IT costs.
  • Centralized patient health monitoring (In-patient, ICU, ER, home health).
  • Repository of patient case studies (Electronic health record, personalized evidence-based medicine).
  • Superior fraud investigation.
  • Seamless claims processing.
  • Easier member management.
  • Effective provider services.
  • Clinical care management.
  • Domestic data for better public health reporting.
  • Epidemiology.
  • Identification of highly relevant literature.
  • Decision engine.
Helping our customers solve their challenges by offering solutions that provide a perfect synergy between Science, IT and Instrumentation.

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