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The retail industries are facing rapid changes due to technological evolution. Their success entirely depends on their ability to adapt to these rapid changes. In this evolving phase, some of the major challenges faced by the retail industries include modern marketing, attracting and retaining customers, security and compliance, optimizing the supply chain and customer service, digital disruption, maintaining visibility, and keeping up with the changing customer expectations.

An increase in technology has created a demand for the addition of upgraded technology onto the existing network. This introduces the risk of network security. To drive continuity and growth, retailers need to be more agile than ever. When it comes to maintaining visibility into the markets, brick-and-mortar retailers are facing more competition from online vendors as online sales continue to rule the top lines of businesses. When it comes to marketing, online is the place to be. It has become crucial for almost all brands to have a web store. To stay compliant, streamline operations and deliver enhanced customer service, retailers need to automate and implement the right IoT management solutions.

Therefore, it is necessary to align with a partner who can facilitate effective, seamless, and highly efficient solutions for them.

We at MSRcosmos, with our global expertise in assisting retail industries with services such as Big Data, Cloud, Robotic Process Automation, and IoT, provide easy-to-deploy network solutions, security services, scalable infrastructure, and analytics that gives information on shoppers’ habits. Retailers can gain insights of what their customer wants and needs. Thus, delivering a better service for increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Retail industries across the world can leverage our services and proficiency to gain thorough experience in new technologies, attain agility and business paradigms.


  • Convenient portal, website, and web application development.
  • Visually rich and easy-to-use experience for enhanced customer engagement.
  • Ideal integration with third-party solutions enabling cross-sell.
  • Portal revamping, upgrades, and migration.
  • In-built analytics to capture user preferences and behaviors to facilitate recommendations.
  • Customer profiling for targeted marketing.
  • Cognitive Chatbots for better customer service.
  • Blockchain tracking for increased retail sales and safer supply chain.
  • Powerful and transparent customer experience.
  • Counterfeit detection and prevention.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • SLA-based 24×7 application maintenance and support.
  • Application security
  • Data security and enhanced profitability.
  • Reduced costs and real-time access to data using Cloud.


Our client gets to decide what they wish to see on their e-commerce portals and how their customers interact, consume and use the information. Be it responsive websites, increasing retention and loyalty through various promotional activities, or simply layered browsing, we make e-commerce simple and easy to use for everyone. Our services promise to deliver-

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Extensive customization
  • Variety and simplicity, together.
With the help of MSRcosmos, strive for innovation and deliver better services for increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Get closer to your customers, gain greater insight about their wants and needs.

Contact our retail industry account executive today to find out how we can help you streamline your case management processes as well as build effective and efficient solutions for your business.

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