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The IT industry is a broad word that encompasses a wide range of information technology-related businesses. No organization (business, government, or non-profit) can thrive without IT if you think about it. When we refer to the IT industry, we mean all companies or departments within companies that build, maintain, or run information technology systems. The IT business, unlike other conventional industries, is knowledge-based. The effective use of skilled labor forces in the IT sector can assist an economy in achieving rapid economic growth.

We at MSRcosmos, believe in the potential of technology to inspire and influence businesses and communities. Our products, services, and solutions help companies change their operations using a worldwide network of strategic partners and deep expertise in Cloud, Data/AI, Applications, and Automation. We follow through on our promises.



consultancy and services for flawless SAP installs.


We bring the right Microsoft technologies to your IT ecosystem.


We offer the most advanced Oracle enterprise applications, as well as custom architectural, operations, and monitoring support.

Amazon AWS

Migrate to AWS to focus more on the day-to-day business of growing your company.

Hadoop And NoSQL

Expertise with Hadoop data storage systems and big data applications on the cloud. We design the best solution for your big data requirements.


  • Big Data and Advanced Analytics: Data is the lifeblood of your business. We turn that into a strategic advantage for you. Learn how to turn unstructured data into valuable business analytics.
  • Application Development and Lifecycle Management: Our managed services can help you improve and streamline your design-to-delivery processes.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning: We enable IT to deploy, manage, and grow the mission-critical ERP application core while controlling costs and limiting risks by utilizing its significant knowledge and expertise.
  • Cloud Services: Bring the cloud's promise to your enterprise teams. You can rely on us for the expertise, resources, and tools to facilitate every step of your journey to the cloud.


  • Installation of enterprise-scale solutions from industry leaders such as SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAS.
  • SAP and cloud veterans work with Microsoft, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Red Hat, SAP, and MongoDB to access, ingest, and aggregate Big Data from various sources and deliver relevant real-time analytics.
  • Keep your teams informed and empowered with constant access to cloud-based functionality and data with access from any device at any time. Assist the transition to cloud-based data and infrastructure management, resource optimization, business continuity, disaster recovery, and corporate solutions.
Our skill distinguishes us. While technology evolves, MSRcosmos' culture of skill development, competence, and service remain constant.

Work with a team that can help you fill in the gaps in your resources, support your critical solutions, paving the way to the cloud, and develops with you. MSRcosmos, with its extensive experience and knowledge, supports a wide range of solutions and technologies.

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