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The telecommunication industry continues to grow at a rapid pace; and with growth comes the following challenges-

Delay in receiving insights, inaccurate reporting, poor data availability, time-consuming monitoring processes, performance issues, embedding security in the IT enterprise, and the cost of setting up an ever-expanding network. To achieve this, there must be sustainable revenue through every expansion initiative. Information technology has become an integral part of the telecommunication industry. The constantly changing structures of telecom require sophisticated IT systems. Responding to these challenges and balancing the IT cost has become more important.

MSRcosmos with our global expertise and multi-faceted team of telecom solutions team is well seized of the strategic, financial, and operational implications of integrating IT into our telecom client’s (provider) value proposition. With our solutions, we help our telecom clients by offering a good mix of services such as land-line, wireless, and broadband besides strengthening their CRM systems to deliver high performance. Our SOA and BPM services help clients experience reduced operating costs as well as high operating profits by enabling reuse and sharing of services and resources besides allowing for a streamlined and collaborative operational structure.


  • Network and data maintenance system for greater IT infrastructure visibility, reduced downtime, increased flexibility, digital productivity, and controlled cost.
  • Technology development and advancement for lower system complexity, the capability of interworking, and maintaining session connectivity.
  • Cognitive Chatbots that handle repetitive customer requests and respond faster to them. Thus, providing better customer service and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Analytics-based 360-degree customer engagement solutions that provide a comprehensive view of customers and enable your industry to offer the best customer experience.
  • AI to handle complex processes and create new business models and use cases for 5G, IoT, and enterprise.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to transform operational business processes, improve communication and transmission, reduce manual processing effort, periodic report preparation, backing up information from client’s IP systems, and boost customer service by recusing error rates.
  • IoT Cyber security to offer data encryption services and protect data against theft.
  • Cloud services to reduce operational and administrative costs, maintain a structured communication and collaboration, and provide high-grade network services with end-to-end quality assurance.
  • Big Data analytics to relieve congestion by predicting peak network usage, increase profitability, enhance agility and scalability, reduce service truck rolls and implement value-based network capacity planning.


  • A team of technology specialists with loads of comprehensive experience in the sector.
  • A global understanding and perspective of the telecom sector built based on tons of experience over years.
  • A blended model of off-shore and on-site delivery.
  • Extensive support centers.
  • Experience in serving numerous telecom operators.
  • Our proven and demonstrable system integration capability (front & back offices).
  • Testimony of completing different telecom projects.
A value based approach through big data and next gen analytics to improve customer experience and generate revenue opportunities

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