The banking & financial services industry grapples with many challenges. Regulatory compliance, changing customer preferences, uncertain business atmosphere, and threat of frauds make it susceptible at times. To add to those, there is the pressure to perform efficiently.

Aided by its Texas-based R&D lab, MSRCOSMOS’ domain experts endeavor to constantly keep it well in the know of all these factors to be able to aid its BFSI clients in keeping pace with the fast-changing needs vis-a-vis operational efficiency, fast decision-making, adherence to regulatory compliance and accounting.

banking & financial it services

Our industry-specific research continues to equip us with the capability to efficiently develop and manage the many dynamic and complex information systems that are required by the industry. Our wide range of technological expertise, networks, platforms, frameworks, BI techniques and database knowledge aids us in providing solutions to the banking industry and become their trusted IT partner.

MSRCOSMOS has the extensive experience of providing consulting services and software solutions to the banking sector. Our team has served commercial banks, investment banks, insurance companies and mutual fund providers who form a broad spectrum of banking and financial services.

Highlights of our services for the banking and financial sector include:

  • Dedicated team of expert professionals
  • Global presence in terms of clients
  • Certified resources
  • Understanding of regulatory compliance in banking
  • High tech infrastructure

Our services include:

  • Business intelligence and big-data
  • Collaboration and portals
  • Data warehousing solutions
  • Cloud technology solutions
  • Infrastructure management services
  • Maintenance and support

Our expert team will gladly serve you and ensure that your projects are completed on time and, to your satisfaction.

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