Technology adoption in the field of life-sciences has surged ahead by leaps and bounds, from graphics and images to a realm of sophistication and complexity. The latest technologies allow for extensive research and application of their findings such as calculation, extrapolation, simulation, and virtual sample testing – without endangering lives. For e.g. it is reported that a doctor stationed in one city can perform the colonoscopy of a patient physically present somewhere else – in a completely non-invasive manner – the process being called ‘Virtual Colonoscopy’. This is a great example of the virtual synergy between health-care professionals, surgical instruments, advanced gadgets and, above all, the software application that enables undertaking such sensitive diagnostic procedures. We at MSRCOSMOS, as the proponents of co-innovation, assiduously strive to bring fresh perspective to all the software solutions we create for our health-care / life-sciences sector clients from the end-application point-of-view.

healthcare Industry Solutions

Our health-care domain specialists comprising of seniors and SMEs from the medical fraternity always have a keen disposition towards anything innovative that may be put to practical use in day-to-day life-sciences. The objective being to cut-down process-cycle time coupled with cost-reduction thus, the perfect synergy between art, science, IT, and instrumentation, ultimately rendering a competitive edge to our customers’ business.

We provide the following services for the Life-sciences sector:

  • Research & Co-innovation
  • Product / Process Design
  • Technology adoption
  • Application development
  • Implementation, maintenance, and support
  • Quality assurance
  • Change management
  • Hand-holding, training, and orientation
  • Technology-enabled process outsourcing
  • Custom Reporting
  • Data Warehouses
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Consulting and advisory services
  • Hospital management systems
  • Data Security

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