A Single Solution To Streamline Data Sourcing, Ingestion, And Analytics

The challenge:

Deriving value from a world of disparate data

Deriving benefits from big data starts with managing the proliferation of sources, both inside and outside the enterprise. Faced with the variability of the multiple, unstructured data-sets that must be integrated into internal data stores, IT teams have had to weigh the value of data against the expense of building the tools to ingest and analyze it.

The answer:

The HCube multi-functional data ingestion and analytics hub

HCube is a Hortonworks-certified multi-functional data ingestion and analytics solution. With a configuration-driven architecture, HCube serves as an OOTB Hadoop connector for multiple databases and data sources.


HCube manages the data-readiness challenge by accelerating data ingestion and enabling the delivery of streamlined and timely analytics.


Deliver custom-built dashboards to the business out-of-the-box

Reduce BI expenses and deliver the right information to business decision-makers.


Accelerated data ingestion

Across multiple data-sets, with faster and broader data availability in Hadoop for analytics and cost-effective delivery of BI.


Easy, low-cost, pre-built cross-platform integration

Hassle-free integration of many types of data sources (In-memory, relational, and NoSQL databases) with Hadoop-based systems.


Easy to configure and self-serve

For users of Hadoop and other databases. Configure your dashboard and data-lake easily with our excellent customer support.

HCube’s industry-driven features

  • Seamlessly integrates multiple heterogeneous business databases and data warehouses, massaging & event streams, relational databases, and NoSQL data-stores
  • Extracts table data from source database servers to HDFS, Hive, and HBase, including conditional transfers
  • Supports scheduled batch processing or event-driven job execution
  • Plug-and-play integration with standard reporting tools
  • Robust security protections via role-based user authentication and authorization

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