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MSRcosmos – Track and trace solutions based on Blockchain technologies Committed for revenue generation with New and innovative solutions

We at MSRcosmos, are committed to boost productivity in each and every aspect of business activity.

Our Blockchain for business is highly secure and important for different entities that transact with each other as it creates trust between them at every phase of business operation.

With our thoroughgoing distributed ledger technology, all the central stakeholders of the transaction will have the access to same information at the same time resulting in enhanced efficiency and eliminating friction.

Track and Trace solutions based on the blockchain technology helps quickly scale with speed and swiftness with main objective of enhancing profitability, growth and revenue. They provide supreme benefits to enterprises conveying these key benefits based on the following attributes.


Helps create transactions with end-to-end encryption. Hence, cuts out unauthorized and fraud activities as only trusted and authorized entities are given access.


Once a transaction is recorded on the block, it cannot be changed or deleted. The records are permanent as they are time-stamped and date-stamped.


When a new information is being added to the blockchain by any entity, the distributed operators evaluate and agree on it before the information is permanently incorporated into the blockchain.


The information replication is the key factor of blockchain. It helps maintain a consistent copy of the data across all the locations to ensure durability, security and availability of data.

At MSRcosmos, We are committed to work with you to help your business achieve greater results, deploying our unique secured blockchain models and expert solutions for sustainability and leverage VALUE out of your core business.

Achieve better business results and increase your PROFITABILITY and REVENUE using our secured blockchain solutions.

The Track and Trace solutions provide a superior, reliable and extensive ways to enhance security mechanisms and builds trust between trading partners by providing end-to-end visibility.

It is designed for speed, efficiency and accuracy

Industries and organizations across various sectors face an increasing pressure to reduce costs as the total cost of equipment ownership, issues related to managing product quality, managing authenticity and eliminating counterfeits remain critical. They are focusing on making things more reliable and cost effective in order to improve profitability and revenue.

When taking a holistic view of all these, an intelligent and a specific understanding of every client’s business, operations, people and etc. are required.

Our expertise in blockchain solutions help companies reduce the total cost of ownership as our business consultants at MSRcosmos are digital transformation specialists who analyze and optimize the impact of demonstrating blockchain solutions and enable digital transformation with proven long term results in reducing cost and enhancing profitability and revenue.

MSRcosmos’s Track and Trace Blockchain solutions certainly helps in transforming a business by restructuring the supply chain, food distribution, financial services, government, retail and etc.

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