SQL Server is nearing End-of-Support (July 9, 2019).

MSRCosmos is already prepared to launch SQL Server instances to cloud

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Act now to save millions that you'd have to spend for securing your network and data.

SQL Server 2008/2008R2

Act now to save millions

What does the end of the support lifecycle for Windows Server & SQL Server mean for you?

It means there will be no security updates, which can lead to security & compliance issues, thus putting not only your applications but business even, at risk.

However, you need not fret if you can’t upgrade to the current versions that are innovative and come with the most advanced security and performance features. You have a couple of options to help address the scenario.The first option and -in the context- the best, is to migrate all your workloads to Microsoft Azure. The other option being to secure your on-premises and plan for a hybrid set-up.

As mentioned before, we believe the migration to Azure as the best option from our experience, as re-hosting your workloads in Azure gives you three(3) years of Extended Security Updates – at absolutely no additional cost.

Further reasons for us to strongly recommend moving all your SQL Server instances to Azure, are the following benefits:

  1. You get more time to modernize your systems, and on your terms.
  2. You get in-built security features with Azure, along with the 70 plus compliance certifications.

Not only these, you will also benefit through the Azure Hybrid Benefit wherein you save on Azure Virtual Machines and Azure SQL Database Managed Instance – just by using your existing Windows Server and SQL Server licenses.

MSRCosmos is already prepared to launch SQL Server instances to cloud. We have the best experts to deliver data to Azure.

Download the extended security updates datasheet: – http://bit.ly/2DSEKHA

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