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Accelerate your industrial efficiency with Cloud’s power and Azure’s services. 

Use Cases - AZURE, Cement Industry

Transfigure your business by improving operational efficiency, reducing costs and generating new revenue opportunities.
Lower the production cost, higher the chance of survival. 

Challenges Faced by the Cement Industry 

The cement industry, just like any other industry, is renovating and updating itself with emerging technologies. Cement industries, as they advance their digital transformation journey, look for public cloud alternatives as the private cloud environment delays the opportunity to scale on demand and minimize capital expenditure. The challenges faced by the cement industries include inefficient physical systems, massive energy consumption, struggling with loading and security checks for trucks carrying cement, tracking these trucks, lack of supply chain visibility, deterioration in safety and working conditions, low operational surveillance, inefficiency in the distribution centres, etc. Since, the cement industries in India are already facing a situation of over-capacity, industrial turnover, etc. the major concern remains the possible business downtime that the company will have to face, as well as the high cost involved during the migration.  

In order to deal with these challenges and keep pace with the customer expectations, the company must find the finest cloud implementation solution. 

MSRcosmos with its deep technical expertise on SAP and Azure and cloud-certified tools systematically analyses the company’s existing landscape and designs a tailored, highly available, durable and cost-efficient SAP landscape on Azure. MSRcosmos helps in developing a thorough migration plan for the company, with the help of which they can experience a seamless, minimized downtime while migrating to Azure. 

Business Benefits – 

  • SAP on Azure solutions can help escalate profit and reduce environmental consequences for the cement industry. 
  • Reduces the number of physical servers and increases profit by enhancing operational efficiency. 
  • Provides real time data for analysis with the help of which information related to the item, load weight, vehicles carrying the load, date, time, etc. can be generated. Manually calculating and maintaining all this information can lead to error (caused by human). This can be avoided which further helps the manufacturers in carrying out the work efficiently without having to expect delays and reduces a lot of paper work as well. 
  • Company will be able to complete the migration efficiently and victoriously within a low downtime. They can achieve around 40%-75% Cost savings by moving the existing SAP production infrastructure to Azure from their private cloud environment.  
  • Company will also experience an overall better system performance with reliability on Azure than what was experienced on-premise. 
  • The migration helps in increasing the SAP performance and also creates opportunity to accelerate innovation with Azure data and AI services.

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