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Ensure the Security of Health Data with Azure

Use Cases - AZURE, Healthcare Industry, SAP

Bring the digital transformation in healthcare with new and innovative solutions offered by Microsoft Azure to provide better patient care and cutting-edge medicine.

Challenges Faced by Health Care Industry

Healthcare industries are facing many IT challenges such as minimum data storage, high IT and enterprise operational costs for legacy software. The system often gets attack by hackers, and healthcare data security comes at a risk. In case of emergency, condition likes giving CPR to cardiac patient real-time data access is required. Day by day hospitals is getting overcrowded. They failed to maintain social distancing and are unable to stop the spread of infectious diseases. Many challenges are arising while handling clinical and non-clinical applications with untrained staff. After the COVID-19 shutdown, healthcare centers are overburdened with peak responsibilities. Such as providing medical care and information to the people as everyone became cautious about their health and started consulting with doctors for minor sicknesses.

AZURE services offered by MSRcosmos provide better healthcare experiences and outcomes. Application modernization with AZURE can help to reduce operational costs. Building a secure cloud network minimizes the risk of successful attacks. AZURE-based bot services provide quick and personalized health-related information to the patients or the general public via natural online communication. Azure is expanding capabilities in the hospital context while ensuring the safety of patients and staff.

Business Benefits –

MSRCosmos– partnered with Microsoft, specializes in Cloud migration.

  • The Bot Services not only improves patient interaction to improve COVID-19 care as well as it helps in hospitals in resource management
  • It provides access to Azure servers without actually having to buy, own or maintain them
  • The advanced encryption process improve high security and handle confidential patient’s data resulting in a reduction of cyber attack
  • It offers unlimited data storage, faster data recovery to huge information generated at hospitals
  • Azure helps healthcare industries to migrate their on-premise infrastructure on Azure which brings an overall reduction in expenditure
  • Azure services gather telemetry data from a CPR card to provide valuable, real-time data about the CPR quality and provide precise, supportive feedback to the rescuer, which save the life of a patient with its fast service
  • Power Automate will contribute to employee well-being by reducing the effort required while handling the manual data entry

We, at MSRCosmos, with our cloud-certified tools and technical expertise on SAP and Azure, we are excel in providing better cloud services across the globe by handling challenges efficiently.

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