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Increased Business Agility with SAP Workload Migration to Azure

Use Cases - AZURE, SAP, Textile Industry

About Customer

The customer is a leading Textile manufacturer headquartered in the USA, with over 20K employees working worldwide. To make product delivery faster the customer wanted to enhance its operational performance and needed an IT infrastructure that could support it. Considering this, the customer decided that moving their datacenters and production base to a high-performing SAP database management platform would be best for them. So, they collaborated with MSRcosmos, to migrate their existing database from Oracle to SAP HANA to Azure.

Business Challenge  

The customer acknowledged the fact that just having great products was not enough. The need was a super-efficient order processing solution that will enable them to stay ahead of the competition, regardless of their industry. Identifying this requirement made them decide to upgrade the operating systems.

For years, the customer had depended on the Oracle database for its SAP applications. And since they were dealing with many customers at the same time worldwide, they relied on many data centers. They wanted a solution that could connect their offices and data centers and speed up the present operations and delivery process. The immediate concern was their existing database which was in a complex Oracle environment and a major hindrance for them.


After evaluating several options the customer opted to go with MSRcosmos for our SAP on Azure expertise. Our team helped the customer move its complex Oracle environment to SAP HANA on Azure. We then configured their SAP HANA estate on Azure. The customer had multiple operating systems running on 300 servers, and the Oracle database was more than 50 terabytes. MSRcosmos, therefore, did the SAP deployment in several phases.

MSRcomos leveraged its proprietary platform which took into account both the SAP suite and the underlying infrastructure. In phase one we carried out the migration of on-premise SAP landscapes to Azure based on application priority profiling. In phase two we did migrations of an Oracle 12g database to an SAP HANA on Azure production system MSRcomos continues to use its proprietary platform for ongoing management of the customer’s Azure environment.


The migration resulted in the following benefits-

  • 60% maintenance cost reduction and up to 30% increased execution efficiency
  • Same day factory planning unlike the previous scenario of taking 24-48 hours
  • The time it takes to report has been reduced from hours to minutes.
  • Capacity on-demand with a high level of security
  • More than 85% increase in the percentage of online orders
  • Facilitate use of multiple digital channels to meet customer expectations
  • Enabled use of the digital method for remote demonstration of high-performance materials to meet customers’ needs

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