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How RPA System Helps in Healthcare Industry?

Use Cases - Healthcare Industry, Robotic Process Automation

The Customer – 

With the growing world, the definition of necessities has changed now it’s not just food clothing, and shelter but health care systems as well the global healthcare market is expected to grow with a compounded annual growth rate of 8.9% to $11,908 billion by 2022 But, Due to Covid-19 there was increasing pressure on the healthcare facilities because of the sudden increase of footfalls and limited availability of service providers 

Business challenge 

Post covid-19 pandemic the healthcare facilities started facing huge pressure in terms of operations, managing data, reducing service time due to a sudden increase in hospital footfalls, and with every other patient coming in panicked, on the ground situation was very critical it became important for the hospital to suggest some quick remedies and steps which can be followed by everyone to analyze how critical the situation is.  


With increasing pressure on the hospital management, it became important to take the help of technological solutions like RPA. The client updated the database in RPA and the patients were requested to access the portal after online verification the patients could easily have a self – assessment and the RPA system would help patients with analysing the criticality of their situation and would suggest remedies to help them instantly.

RPA IN Healthcare

Business benefits

Low costRPA services from MSR cosmos cost lower and the manual process can be automated easily this will allow the hospitals to reduce their turnout time and costs as well 

Appointment success– patients usually forget their appointments with their doctors this proves to be one of the major challenges for specialty doctors RPA can remind the patients about their appointments  

Emergency assistance – In case of an emergency patients can directly get in touch with the RPA service bots and can ask help for assistance in case of emergency and the bots can help by analyzing the pre-uploaded files of the patient and the present situation of the patient by the time doctors reach for help  

Bills & discharge – The post-treatment procedure of the healthcare industry at large is criticized for its slow process. Procedures like billing, claim settlement, and discharge often take up to hours and ruin the patients’ overall experience. Using RPA services this process can be automated as every time a medicine or health aid is given to any patient it can automatically be updated in the patient’s profile using scanners also this will help the staff to give better care to them and the discharge formalities can fasten up   

Claim settlement – Once the process is automated using RPA services the claim process can be smoothened out as well since all the data with exact date and time will be readily available for the authorities to use and the parties at stake in the process that is the doctor in charge, the patient & the claim settlement officers would be able to verify it instantly this will help is the quick claim settlement  

The uses of RPA are much more than what is stated above but using this automated process the hospitals can focus on key tasks at hand that is providing the best care to the patients and relive the doctors of other work pressures.

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