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Smooth S/4 Conversion And SAP Workload Migration To Azure for a Tech Company

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The client is a leading information technology outsourcing company headquartered in the USA. They provide technology solutions, from ideation to execution to Global clients.


The client was struggling with its legacy systems as it was unable to cope which the increasing requirements of the business. They faced problems with scaling and had to make some serious decisions as to how to meet business needs. They had two choices 1. On-Premise and 2. Cloud. They consulted MSRCosmos for help and ultimately decided to go with Azure, for its pay-as-you-go cost, structure, and agility. Following that, MSRCosmos’ team did an initial assessment of the client’s legacy systems and engaged with their IT to ensure a smooth transition. The Team had to go through several roadblocks due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The situation had made the task much more difficult. Moreover, other factors contributed to the nature of the challenge and delay:

  • System build of 7+ servers per landscape
  • Unicode Conversion Integration of C Projects to S4-HANA -PPM
  • BW to BW-HANA Migration
  • High availability set up (S/4, Portal)
  • Azure Cloud Migration in One Program


The client was dependent on legacy processes for more than 15 years, this caused hindrances in terms of scaling. They wanted to re-platform the system core. MSRCosmos, their solution partner, suggested S4HANA digital core as it resembled the client’s earlier setup. To further aid them to decide, MSR along with SAP conducted several workshops to showcase the various benefits. They successfully demonstrated the product roadmap as well as components used, making the whole journey clear to the client and its team. Following the visit, the client had some internal discussion and then gave the green signal to move ahead with the plan. MSR along with the SAP Practice team started the implementation. While the team carried out the setup, the client continued with the On-premise systems till the production cutover. A Parallel Azure landscape was built for the project that helped with the process.

This landscape was then activated as BAU production and the On-premise landscape was closed. The production cutover plan was refined with learnings from Mocks, VAS, COE, and service inputs. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the complete task was performed remotely.


With smooth S/4 conversion and SAP workload migration to Azure, MSRCosmos was able to deliver:

  • Single S/4 HANA Landscape for S/4 HANA and PPM
  • Reduction in the size of DB by 30%
  • Flexibility and scalability

Better performance in transaction and reporting.

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