Upcoming Webinar:

SAP HANA on Azure

August 22th, 2019 | 1PM - 2PM (EST)

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The game-changing cloud meets the next generation in-memory platform HANA to provide real-time access to critical information anytime, anywhere.

Key Highlights of the Webinar:

HANA on Azure – Business Value Proposition: Strength, cost savings, agility, and flexibility with Azure.

Deep-dive into HANA on Azure:

  • Deployment options
  • HANA for production & non-production use-cases
  • HANA High Availability & Disaster Recovery on Azure
  • HANA One on Azure
  • Connecting On-Premises to Azure (Express route / VPN etc.)
  • Data & application security in Azure
  • Integration with big-data and other applications in Azure
  • Migration of existing SAP landscape to HANA on Azure
  • Monitoring on Azure