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HANA-on-Cloud Webinar – Recording

Webinar - Azure, Cloud, SAP, SAP HANA

Just so you know what you’re investing your time on, here’s the crux of it all:

SAP HANA customers now have the ability to experience all the benefits of HANA while utilizing the agility, cost savings, security, and reliability offered by cloud computing. Various SAP certified cloud providers are offering a comprehensive, end-to-end portfolio of cloud computing services to help manage the most demanding HANA applications by reducing costs, scaling to meet demand, and increasing the speed of innovation.

In the live Webinar, Veera Kondapi, (SAP Enterprise Architect   Certified HANA Technology Specialist) analyzed and evaluated for enthusiasts like you the various cloud hosting options for HANA.

The agenda:

  • Cloud Terminology
  • Public Vs Private
  • Then, why HANA on Cloud
  • The various options for HANA on Cloud (HEC, AWS, Azure, etc.)

Hope you’ll enjoy and like it as much as we did presenting the subject which one of our key specialty areas. You can always write in to us with your queries regarding the topic of discussion – our experts will only be glad to help you with clarifications / explanations.


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