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  • April 1, 2020

Prevail In The Future With MSRcosmos’ Cloud Delivery Framework

Prevail In The Future With MSRcosmos’ Cloud Delivery Framework
Prevail In The Future With MSRcosmos’ Cloud Delivery Framework
  • Blog
  • April 1, 2020

Prevail In The Future With MSRcosmos’ Cloud Delivery Framework

As Cloud technologies have become ubiquitous, few trends are shaping the way consumers are interacting with the Cloud. First and foremost, customers are gaining more confidence in hosting their infrastructure and applications across multiple cloud providers. Secondly, the affinity that software had with the underlying infrastructure prevented portability to other computing environments.

Fast forward to today, the container orchestration architecture, such as Kubernetes, promises to decouple the software from the underlying infrastructure. Using services like Kubernetes to orchestrate, software and services across cloud providers, makes multi-cloud a reality. Most importantly, the new server less cloud computing model ensures that customers and software providers run and completely manage their IT resources optimally.

MSRcosmos At-a-Glance

MSRcosmos was founded in 2008 by Siva Gopal Modadugulaand and Devi Kondapi, both SAP HANA technologists and executives. Since this time, the Company has grown to service 100+ global customers across three continents and has become a flagship services partner with industry giants as Microsoft and SAP. Their extensive expertise in Cloud, Data/AI, Applications and Automation, services, and solutions help companies transform their businesses in this era where Cloud is seen as the vehicle for digital innovation.

Working with a global network of industry partners, MSRcosmos has achieved:

  • One of the first Azure Engineering teams to complete SAP HANA certification and deliver the first-ever SAP HANA cloud deployment.
  • One of the few Partners worldwide to achieve the distinction of SAP on Azure Advanced Specialization and also Advanced Specialization in Modernization of Web Applications in Azure
  • Over 50+ certified Architects (SAP, Microsoft Azure, Integration, Big Data/AI and RPA)
  • More than thirty successful SAP-on-cloud Migrations and implementations across Life Sciences, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Financial Services and Retail markets.

The Company acts as a transformational partner for customers by integrating their SAP systems with Big Data to prominent vendors such as Cloudera on cloud, to deliver actionable business insights and artificial intelligence from their Data. MSRcosmos’ deep focus on Cloud coupled with its expertise on Data & AI, Enterprise Integration, RPA and Blockchain provides customers the technical knowledge and expertise to evolve for the future.

Company has successfully delivered projects in RPA to showcase that a Data Centre can be managed by a set of programs remotely and hassle free and Business Processes can be handled by Bots in complete automation.

MSRcosmos COE team along with its customers have published multiple case studies for Cloud migrations and RPA in the public domain.

The Company USP is its dedication and commitment towards its client’s needs and holistic work culture. Perhaps this is the reason for its exponential growth in revenues from 10 Mil USD in 2015 to 100 Mil USD in 2020 and with more than a thousand employees in 2020, MSRcosmos is on the fast track to the summit of success.

Delivering on their Promise with a Seamless Implementation Process

Fundamental to MSRcosmos’ business philosophy and culture is their commitment to deliver on their promise. It’s more than their tagline. When they make commitments to the customers they deliver. Not doing so is not acceptable. Their success is the customer’s success. “We just don’t help with migration; we give a holistic experience for the clients to realize the full potential of going Digital!” – Siva Gopal M, Founder & CSO, MSRcosmos.

The vital part of any business is how well the internal organizations function with each other. The team at MSRcosmos is not just involved in providing products or services that solve a problem for the customer. They take the holistic approach to extract the very best of what each technology can provide to the businesses.

MSRcosmos listens to the customer pain points, understand their business process, and accordingly determines the best and the most suitable solutions. “Our journey does not end post-cloud migration; we spend time imparting ways on how to manage things”, Pradeep Kumar Lekharaju, Head of APAC & India.

Fundamental to MSRcosmos’ business philosophy and culture is their commitment to deliver on their promise

The Cloud market is highly competitive, with clients exposed to an endless amount of clutter information. MSRcosmos’ catered services are highly structured and transparent that is built to eliminate the noise. “We understand change is hard for most when adopting to newer cutting-edge technologies like – cloud computing, machine learning, and blockchain. As these technologies are futuristic and advanced, but we aim to help customers with a seamless implementing process,” says Devi Kondapi, CEO of MSRcosmos.

MSRcosmos, as part of its acceleration program, has invested in small start-ups with a focus on social empowerment under its flagship to help grow local communities. The firm is also a strong believer in undertaking CSR and charitable activities and not just showcase it as a dress-up of corporate discipline. The motto of “shared value with communities” is deep-rooted since its inception. It has enabled the company to learn beyond the scope of work and build goodwill of its own.

Having seen success in United states and APAC region MSRcosmos is looking forward to expanding its operations in EMEA region in FY 2021.

“We are very happy and honored to be recognized as the Cloud Computing Company of the Year by the CIO Review magazine. This stands as a testimonial to the domain expertise, the value we deliver to our clients and more importantly, our passion and commitment to the customer’s success.”.

– Devi Kondapi.