Deploy intelligent solutions, analyze data models faster, and orchestrate the machine learning development lifecycle with MSRcosmos. With predictive modeling, analytics, and cognitive computing, we help you in addressing a multitude of analytical challenges. Our Data & AI experts are ready to guide you:

  • Define business-aligned goals
  • Scope appropriate projects
  • Set up your team
  • Unify data, analytics, and solutions to enable fast, real-time response to opportunities
  • Gain competitive advantage with ready-to-deploy machine learning/ AI solutions and 24/7 access to business intelligence.
  • Automate your infrastructure and scale as needed

Data & AI

AI, ML and Cognitive Services

Sharpen your Data & AI strategy using intelligent solutions. Our in-depth understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities allows us to advocate and craft intelligent solutions for transforming businesses into truly data-driven enterprises

Analytics and Visualization

Turn your structured and unstructured data into business intelligence and prescriptive analytics. MSRcosmos helps you meet the data challenge through real-time analytics, visualization tools, and dashboards to make data accessible and actionable.

Data Engineering & Data Modeling

MSRcosmos can efficiently build massive reservoirs and highly scalable, fault-tolerant distributed systems that store and process data. We can translate your business model to conceptual, physical models, database designs with our specialization in data governance, data lake security, data compliance, and more.

Data and AI

Internet of Things

Getting started with IoT doesn’t have to be overwhelming. MSRcosmos can build a device-aware infrastructure and embed IoT innovations that align with your business goals and enhance your team’s technical capabilities.

Why MSRcosmos?

  • Data & AI Center of Excellence and Innovation Lab for strategy, proof of concept
  • Extensive experience implementing Hadoop and NoSQL solutions
  • 90+ successful projects Data, Analytics & AI, data warehouse
  • Visualization and reporting


Get your own personal Data Scientist! We use innovative technology to gain faster insights by exploring your data using conversational language, while algorithms provide contextual suggestions for relevant insights. Our hands-on experience with AI and ML-led technologies accelerates and enhances the overall process of comprehensive data analysis. This way, we help our customers in improving their data literacy by providing actionable insights.

MSRcosmos can help digitally recreate an interactive experience of a real-world environment from anywhere you are. This solution is a multi-dimensional approach to visualizing data allowing clients to pick up insights with ease and improved perception. AI-driven capabilities make complex and powerful insights easily identifiable.

Virtual Assistant - MSRcosmos uses natural language processing (NLP), robotic process automation (RPA), and AI to offer a personalized experience so you can navigate through an interface with ease.

Speech Recognition – We help to convert and transform human speech into a comprehensive format for computer applications to process using AI.

MSRcosmos can build massive reservoirs and highly scalable and fault-tolerant distributed systems which can inherently store and process data. We translate your business model to conceptual, physical models, and database designs. By orchestrating and automating complex data pipelines, we help you raise efficiencies and speed-up time to value.

Data governance and data security MSRcosmos can help tailor a data governance program tailored to your specific needs to protect all your data throughout its entire lifecycle and implement the right processes and controls to reduce risk and safeguard sensitive data.

We use digital twin technology for simulations of products, processes, and services. The digital twin uses IoT sensors, log files, and other relevant information to collect real-time data for the accurate modeling of assets. These models are then combined with AI-powered analytical tools in a virtual setting for generating relevant insights regarding the physical assets. The analysis becomes easily feasible using digital twins. This technology makes it easy to test and validate products before they go into production. One can proactively identify and resolve potential issues ahead of time to reduce risk, improve efficiencies, and lower costs.

Getting started with IoT doesn’t have to be overwhelming. MSRcosmos can help you build a device-aware infrastructure and embed IoT innovations that align with your business’ goals and enhance your team’s technical capabilities.

MSRcosmos helps in implementing various predictive analytics techniques from data mining, statistical modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to analyze existing data to make predictions about the future state.

Machine Learning Models – Deploy intelligent solutions, analyze data, model faster, and orchestrate the machine learning development lifecycle with MSRcosmos. Our experts can address and resolve analytical challenges from prescriptive modeling and analytics to cognitive computing.

Computer Vision – MSRcosmos can assist you increating deep learning models which perform digital image and video processing and accurately identify and classify objects.

AI and Deep Learning Platforms– MSRcosmos has.vast experience in building, training, and tuning deep learning models for diverse industry domains.

Our Approach

MSRcosmos helps build personalized analytical solutions to address your unique business requirements using data science and analytical capabilities.

We can assist in product development, identifying potential market gaps, improving operational efficiencies, automating processes, migrating legacy systems, cloud migrations, and more.

  • Assess

    Understand your business needs and key requirements

  • Design

    Select the right platform and develop a custom-built architecture

  • Deploy

    Design the deployment modality

  • Optimize

    Mold our unique solutions and get the best for your needs

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