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MSRCosmos & Blue Prism helps you unleash human potential through smart automation

Many legacy and manual business processes require repetitive, data-intensive work is prone to human error and limits scalability. Information for decision-making spans physical and digital system silos, and many times these systems do not have traditional APIs making them costly to integrate. Through the use of “digital workers” and RPA technologies, MSRCosmos and Blue Prism helps automate and scale business processes in a more cost-effective fashion.

When Automation can handle 45% of repetitive activities, it enables businesses to redesign the processes to improve performance, create new customer experiences and unleash human potential.

MSRCosmos helps you discover this!

MSRCosmos RPA services powered by Blue Prism

Being Blue Prism’s partner, MSRCosmos brings to you a truly scalable RPA foundation for enterprise-wide digital transformation through ‘Connected RPA Platform’.

With Blue Prism’s connected RPA you can:

  • Unburden your processes & people
  • Empower your employees to create and customize automations to unique tasks
  • Accomplish greater business success by bridging the human digital-gap

3 core principles which drives digital agility are:

  • We are Business-led. As the only RPA solution that’s business led, we break the cycle of dependency on the IT “things to do” list, where automation requests often get trapped and not delivered. With robust, developer-free automation, easy web service support and drag and drop intelligent automation skills, we’re delivering meaningful business-led outcomes.
  • We are Technology Controlled. With Veracode accreditation for security, segregated environments for private or collaborated automations, secure web service integration for trust & operability, shared licensing and more, we provide simplicity with governance to support scale.
  • We deliver an Intelligent Platform. With out-of-the-box support for best of breed AI providers, and instant access to Intelligent Automation skills, downloadable and ready to deploy on the Blue Prism platform, we’re connecting customers to powerful technologies and delivering the power of choice through the Blue Prism Digital Exchange.

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