Today’s business pressures are far more significant than ever. Exploding market demands, secured remote workforce support, revenue maximization, cost reduction, etc, are a few challenges soaring across every organization. Cloud can help you accelerate the pace of business innovation and eliminate rising complexities.

MSRcosmos addresses your cloud transformation needs from beginning to end. We help you unleash the full potential of the cloud to create frictionless experiences and smarter ecosystem collaboration. Our cloud experts offer end-to-end services right from strategy and planning to cloud migration and automation through operations. Across four continents, we are helping hundreds of clients to modernize their businesses successfully. Lets us help you with:

  • Cloud Assessment and Strategy
  • Cloud Application Deployment Services
  • Cloud Partnership across all the major Hyperscalers: Microsoft, Amazon, and Google.
  • Cloud Transformations and Migrations
  • Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Services

Cloud Advisory and Strategy

Strategy is the foremost critical step in migrating your business to the cloud. Whether you’re deploying public, private, or Hybrid cloud, our cloud experts can help you set the right strategy toward a successful cloud implementation.

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Cloud Engineering and Automation

MSRcosmos has a wealth of experience in cloud engineering and automation. We help you rearchitect your applications and data for your cloud-native infrastructure. Using our global centers of excellence (COE) coupled With partner-led proof of concepts (POCs) and testing, we offer best-of-breed solutions.

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Cloud Operations

Secure, scalable, and reliable cloud operations require a fresh approach with new operational concepts, technologies, and SLAs. We have the operational experience to help your teams.

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Cloud Services

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Designing and managing your cloud infrastructure for business resiliency, performance, and scale can be overwhelming. We have the right expertise, tools, and best practices to help you optimize, automate, and manage your infrastructure migration.

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Why MSRcosmos?

  • 125+ Cloud Migrations
  • Data Center transformations
  • Microsoft Advanced Specialization Partner
    1. SAP on Azure
    2. Modernization of Web Applications
    3. Linux and Open-Source Databases Migration
  • Scalable implementations on AWS
  • Large SAP Landscapes migrations to Hyperscalers

Our Approach

MSRcosmos takes a comprehensive, end-to-end approach to your cloud migration. We start with a readiness assessment to fully capture your business requirements and understand your landscape. From here, we work with you to architect, design, and migrate your applications to the cloud while minimizing impacts to your business. Our specialists don’t stop there. We provide ongoing cloud application management and operational support using our end-to-end expertise.

Whether you’re planning to move to a public, private, or hybrid cloud, we have the right talent, experience, proven approach and partnerships required for your business success.

Migration: Transition to the Cloud and On-going Management

Cloud Services

Cloud Advisory and Strategy

Not all clouds are created equal

We know how to connect the dots between business needs and the best platform to fulfill them. After an extensive review process, we develop an end-state architecture plan that maps the optimal path from your current state to your future deployment. The result is a comprehensive plan which incorporates design, project schedules, resource planning, and execution.

Our Advisory & Strategy Services

  • Infrastructure planning and development
  • Systems migration and maintenance
  • Migration & technical support
  • Resource optimization
  • Business continuity and HA/DR
  • Back-up strategy & implementation
  • Change management

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Cloud Engineering & Automation

Deep Technical Expertise

MSRcosmos has a wealth of experience in cloud engineering and automation. We help you rearchitect your applications and data for your cloud-native infrastructure. Using our global centers of excellence (COE) and partner-led proof of concepts (POCs) and testing, we offer best-of-breed solutions Our cloud solution architects help you architect, re-host, re-platform, and re-purchase your business to the cloud.


We assess your applications, architect, develop, and work to build better resiliency, agility, and scalability.


Often called “lift and shift” we migrate your existing applications to the cloud, modernize and scale.


Many clients find the cloud migration process offers the perfect time to re-platform legacy applications.


Support the ETL involved when moving from a legacy, on-premises application to a completely different SaaS solution.

Learn how we’ve designed cloud solutions across the healthcare, financial, manufacturing, and telecom industries.

Cloud Operations

Full-spectrum services for public, private, and co-located datacenters

The promise of digital transformation is enticing. Lower costs, streamlined IT processes, simplified management, and all with agility and scalability.

Achieving the aforesaid promise is challenging unless you have the experience to navigate the many complexities of managing your infrastructure in the cloud. For more than a decade, we’ve helped customers successfully migrate and manage their cloud infrastructures. Our expertise spans:

  • Business planning and strategy – advisory services to maximize ROI
  • Resource Group management and monitoring
  • Application of industry best practices
  • Architecture planning, implementation, migration, and operation
  • Storage and network monitoring, administration, and optimization

Read how MSRcosmos helps companies successfully and safely manage their cloud operations.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

The key to realize the potential of your cloud infrastructure

Without the right oversight, monitoring, and governance to efficiently manage your cloud infrastructure, your business modernization isn’t sustainable. MSRcosmos has the experience and best practices to support your cloud and on-premises infrastructure initiatives to provide the agility to keep pace with continuous innovation.

Our cloud specialists have the tools and standards knowledge to foster information-sharing and interoperability inside and outside the company. Add the analytics to manage whatever flavor of cloud you implement, and you have the recipe for well-managed, agile cloud infrastructure. Learn more about our Cloud Infrastructure Management Services.

Partner with MSRcosmos to plan and execute your infrastructure migration and management to get the most out of your business.

Trusted Partner by the Industry’s Hyperscaler Leaders

Earning advanced specializations and certifications at the gold and silver levels with Microsoft, AWS and GCP is no small feat.

For example, to earn Microsoft's advanced specializations, Gold & Silver partnership, and Advanced Support status, partners must meet stringent criteria around customer success and staff skilling, customer deployments, and pass third-party audits. We have earned specializations in:

  • Modernization of Web Applications to Microsoft Azure
  • Linux to Open-Source Databases Migrations Advanced Specialization
  • Advanced Support for Partner (Asfp) in the United States and India
  • SAP on Azure Advanced Specializations
  • Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Tier-1 Partner in the United States and India
  • Gold Partner in Cloud Platform, Silver Partner in Data & Analytics and Security

AWS and GCP have similar stringent requirements to earn their trust. We are a certified partner at their highest levels.

Before you begin your digital transformation, ensure you have a cloud partner skilled, proven, and ready to leverage the innovations and economies of scale of the industry’s Hyperscaler leaders. We’re equipped to help.

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