• Case Studies
  • January 29, 2024

Gore’s SAP RISE Transformation with Azure Migration

Gore’s SAP RISE Transformation with Azure Migration
Gore’s SAP RISE Transformation with Azure Migration
  • Case Studies
  • January 29, 2024

Gore’s SAP RISE Transformation with Azure Migration

The Background

W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc. (Gore) a materials science leader, ran and managed their SAP S/4HANA on a leading public cloud platform. However, Gore’s existing cloud platform was no longer in-line with their cloud strategy. Looking to the future and strategic alignment, Gore aimed for a more optimal solution, leading to a comprehensive re-evaluation of their entire cloud strategy, including their future SAP roadmap.

Navigating Transformation with SAP, Microsoft, and MSRcosmos

Recognizing the need for a robust solution, SAP, Microsoft, and MSRcosmos were enlisted to spearhead the intricate task of transitioning both SAP S/4HANA environments to Azure. As the journey unfolded, SAP’s recommendation to embrace SAP RISE on Azure marked a pivotal turning point, positioning MSRcosmos as the cornerstone for a successful migration and modernization.

Gore’s IT Leadership expressed clear confidence in Azure’s architecture, stability, and cost competitiveness. The platform emerged as the natural choice for their ambitious transition to SAP RISE on Azure.

MSRcosmos’ proposal, crafted with competitive precision, resonated seamlessly with Gore’s organizational objectives, delivering not just cost-efficiency but a comprehensive future-proof solution.

Solution and Approach:

  • Strategic Collaboration: SAP, Microsoft, and MSRcosmos embarked on an intensive engagement with Gore’s IT Leadership team. The mission was to craft solutions that not only optimized infrastructure and costs but also guaranteed a seamless migration that would support existing business operations and ongoing SAP implementation work.
  • Accelerated Assessment Precision: A meticulous 2-week evaluation phase dissected the intricacies of third-party public cloud infrastructure, defined the blueprint for future Azure design, scrutinized application dependencies, and culminated in a finely tuned, streamlined migration approach.
  • SAP Guided Migration Blueprint with Automation First Strategy: MSRcosmos along with SAP and Gore collaborated on a comprehensive 20-week migration plan, following their guidelines. This blueprint promised not just a transition but a seamless transformation to SAP RISE on Azure.


  • Go-Live before schedule- MSRcosmos’ detailed migration plan ensured a production go-live well ahead of schedule. This triumph underscored the power of efficient planning and execution.
  • Confidence in Azure – The successful transition underscores Azure’s stability and cost competitiveness, aligning seamlessly with Gore’s strategic goals for their cloud strategy and digital transformation.
  • Future Proof Solution – SAP RISE Transformation through Azure migration ensured scalability, innovation, and long-term agility. This strategic move safeguarded Gore’s investment and aligned seamlessly with SAP’s future roadmap.

“At Gore, we view innovation as a collaborative process, and we applied that spirit to designing our SAP landscape,” says Tom McKee, Gore’s Global IT and Transformation Leader. “In a strategic move to align with SAP’s future roadmap and our cloud strategy, and crack even greater potential, we partnered with Microsoft and MSRcosmos to embark on a transformative cloud journey. MSRcosmos’ deep SAP and Azure expertise and understanding of our goals guided us effectively to Azure, enabling a successful SAP RISE implementation. This milestone not only positions us for long-term agility and cost-efficiency but also establishes a foundation for continuous innovation within our SAP environment.”

Tom McKee

Global IT and Transformation Leader, Gore

Outcome :

Gore’s SAP environment underwent a seamless transition to Azure, attesting to MSRcosmos’ expertise, the depth of strategic collaboration, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. The SAP RISE on Azure transformation sets the stage for Gore’s empowered future in the realm of SAP technology.