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  • November 10, 2015

MSRcosmos was recognized one of the 100 Most Promising Big Data Service Providers

MSRcosmos was recognized one of the 100 Most Promising Big Data Service Providers
MSRcosmos was recognized one of the 100 Most Promising Big Data Service Providers
  • News
  • November 10, 2015

MSRcosmos was recognized one of the 100 Most Promising Big Data Service Providers

What are they? Before actually delving into it, let’s dig a little into what has brought this on. Much has been written, talked, and debated about the reasons behind the emergence of big data. Governments, corporations, business entities – big and small alike, educational institutions, commoners and all, taking to the electronic way of interacting, communicating, engaging, and transacting business – some offering products and services, while the others consuming them- continues to yield an overwhelming amount of data.

Every entity worth its salt was, or is still, trying to make sense of it by way of traditional methodologies and some tools. But, the sheer volume, and the source and type of data, make it mighty difficult for these conventional mechanisms to decipher and equip the respective business or entity with the ability to think ahead of times – to foresee what is happening and what is forthcoming, and plan and act accordingly vis-à-vis its business model comprehensively.

The fallacy of traditional techniques

Thus, big data, as we now know, is this ever growing volume of data apparently with precious information nested within it, its storage, analysis, and effective use. Therefore, as the traditional data processing techniques and applications continue to prove inadequate, scores of new-age services related to this phenomenon have emerged, such as solutions, analysis, integration, and development, etc., that are aimed at driving business growth.

What’s in it for….?

Admittedly, over and beyond consumer information, there are many areas where Big Data can be very practically and effectively used. For example, it could facilitate predictive analysis – in a host of industries where time-to-market, staying ahead of the competition, and above all, thinking of, and beyond the customer, are all crucial for sustainable business growth. Equipped with the knowledge of how the market is and where is it going to be; what are one’s customers thinking and doing, and what could their likely requirements be, businesses can plan all of their strategies better and realise the full benefits of knowing their market and customers well.

As business grows…

Businesses have been forced to adapt to change much faster than their capacity to handle. This is largely due to the fact that while technological advancement has allowed businesses to grow and evolve, it has also brought along some challenges of its own. One such manifestation is the multitude of data sources owing to the employment of multiple databases, and various types of them to boot! The existing systems of extracting data from them and integrating it in order to put it to effective use – is not only difficult and cumbersome but is also very expensive. A good Big Data solutions partner would be one that can address this without much cost to the business – neither time nor monetarily. MSRcosmos’ versatile data ingestion tool, HCube, is capable of addressing the above mentioned predicament faced by businesses with complex IT infrastructures.

HCube enables big data ingestion from several databases such as SAP HANA, Oracle, SQL and other No-SQL DBs, MONGO DB, Cassandra etc., to Hadoop/HDFS. The high performance data transfer makes the data easily accessible from Hadoop HDFS and Hive for analytical endeavours.

The imperative

In essence, in a constantly changing business environment, transformation is imperative. To be able to align accordingly, the vast amount of intelligently collected and analysed data could stand in good stead for organizations. Thus, it isn’t difficult to see the critical role big data companies can play in bringing about a telling impact on the way data could be utilized proactively, creatively, and constructively. They offer myriad data solutions vis-a-vis products, storage, data warehousing, data quality, and analytics while harnessing the power of technology frameworks such as Hadoop.

Who would be your right Big Data partner?

Well, that’s the big question one should address first before spending even a penny. A big data company without the right credentials nor the requisite accreditation, or inadequate experience and quality of resources – would undo the immense power Big Data can potentially equip businesses with.

Here are some criteria one should look at while choosing one’s Big Data partner:

  • Big Data Centre of Excellence (CoE):
    While it is not mandatory that each partner have a CoE, it would be advisable to go with a pioneer. As traditional methods have been found to be wanting, a partner with a CoE will most likely come up with solutions that have answers to the most difficult day-to-day data problems.
  • Accreditation:
    Demonstrated, proven, and certified products and service offerings are a definite advantage a good Big Data partner will bring to the table.
  • Experience:
    A good number of client implementations is definitely an edge as it means the partner is well and truly hands-on and, up for it.
  • Quality:
    A certified hand is a fortifying hand; especially if it’s gold-dust-like data you are entrusting the technology partner with. Therefore, certified resources with demonstrated ability of handling Big Data Services, Solutions, Analytics, etc., are a must have feature of one’s partner.

MSRcosmos ticks all the three boxes above. It’s proven experience in delivering solutions based on the latest big data technologies (100+ Proofs-of-Concept), its Hortonworks certified data ingestion product, a big data Centre of Excellence based of its Texas (Plano) facility, and boasting of a good number of certified professionals amongst its ranks, makes it just about the right partner data-driven companies could trust. Whether it is development, analytics, solutions, storage, or just about anything related to data and analytics – MSRcosmos can be just the perfect partner in your data journey: From data inception to insights.