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MSRCosmos’ machine intelligence capabilities are equipped to address a multitude of analytical challenges.

  • Machine Learning Build models based off your corporate data, and use intelligent proofs-of-concept to test them.
  • Predictive Analytics Predict which future business events will bring positive outcomes to focus limited resources on those events that deliver optimal performance and ROI.
  • Predictive Modeling Predict outcomes and measure the values of those outcomes with MSRCosmos’ predictive modeling services. Leverage MSRCosmos’ scalable platform to manage and utilize the proliferation of data types, data points, and data sources. Now you can transform historical data into actionable criteria. But big data can mean big demands. Now you can transform historical data into actionable criteria for tactical execution.
  • Cognitive computing Cognitive computing is the future of AI. Technologists build processes that mirror human thoughts and brain functions. Examples of cognitive computing are visual recognition, speech-to-text, text and language translation.

Deploy intelligent solutions, analyze data, model faster, and orchestrate the machine learning development lifecycle with MSRCosmos.


An intelligent services infrastructure scalable to your needs – now and in the future

The MSRCosmos AI services platform

  • End-to-end Big Data and AI strategy and implementation
  • No limits on the size of the data-set or compute resources
  • No contractual lock-in – pay as you go, cancel at any time
  • Leverage HCube to streamline data preparation for analytics


Driving Maximum Value Out Of SAP To Azure Migration


Implementation Challenges And Solutions To Cloud-Migration

Case Study

A comprehensive data solution for our telecoms client

Our client from the telecoms industry is one of the biggest carriers in the United States, catering to a subscriber-base of around 55 million in the US.

Case Study Delivered a twin-module analytics solution for our client from the insurance sector.

Our client is a leading health insurance provider in the north-west (WA), catering to about 2 million customers with a network comprising about 40,000 doctors, hospitals, and healthcare providers

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