Modernize your operations by leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure


Modernize your operations by leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure

Logistic Industry

Using a powerful platform like Azure, streamline your entire operations, reach new heights with innovation, and build a one-of-a-kind logistics system that sets new standards for your industry with efficiency. 

Challenges Faced by the Logistics Industry 

The absence of scalable systems in the logistics industry often results in an overall reduction in efficiency. The manual check-in process delays various services such as procurement of goods, distribution, port management, etc. because of all the time-consuming paperwork done and a prolonged waiting time. These outdated business processes slowdowns the rate of improvement as the ageing on-premise infrastructures take up a substantial amount of time in monitoring and maintaining all the data. When it comes to cybersecurity, the industry cannot afford to compromise on the same as it matters equally on the ocean as it did on the cloud. Microsoft Azure, with its world-class security features, helps overcome this problem. 

For any industry, especially logistics, moving the internal IT resources to a flexible and scalable cloud platform helps achieve optimal business performance and delivers innovation. But the major concern remains the cost associated with it.  

MSRcosmos along with Azure makes this journey smooth and ensures state-of-the-art agility, security and recoverability of data while reducing costs and upgrading the infrastructure. MSRcosmos conducts a detailed evaluation of the existing infrastructure and drafts a plan accordingly to complete the migration without any data latency and with minimum downtime. 

Business Benefits – 

  • Moving to Microsoft Azure guarantees a great SAP performance and AI innovation. It makes real contributions to business agility and helps it stay ahead of the competition. 
  • Improves freight processing time by replacing paper-based check-in processes for deliveries and provides live data throughout the warehouse and front offices. 
  • Azure offers substantial operational benefits and a robust, modern technology foundation with additional layers of security. 
  • The integrated security features of Microsoft Azure strengthens the security layers, identifies hidden risks both on-premise and in the cloud, and automates routine tasks so the security team can focus on innovation. 
  • The payment process becomes better and faster using Azure as the system reads payment data from the payment partner and matches it against incoming deliveries. This alerts customers at sign-in if a payment is required and ensures a secure, speedy and smooth transaction. 
  • Replaces paper-based check-in by automated check-in which makes pick-ups and drop-offs of cargo become seamless. 
  • Halves disaster recovery time and boosts the availability of key systems. 
  • The migration helps the company to leverage a host of advanced Azure services including Azure PaaS and AI capabilities that add high business value and differentiation. 

Along with the above listed wholesome benefits and the advantage of pay-as-you-go service, Azure strategizes for innovation by delivering performance and flexibility that helps your business evolve in ways that are meaningful. 

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