Tech Giant Migrates Business Critical Web-based SaaS Application To Azure


Tech Giant Migrates Business Critical Web-based SaaS Application To Azure

Web-based SaaS Application To Azure

Company Overview:

The client is a leading software tech giant with offices in the US and Asia Pacific. The company’s main product is an end2end ERP platform that delivers product lifecycle management, supply chain and warehouse management, and other related software for web-based technology architecture. The company continues to develop and update its software to meet the changing demands of their customer with whom they work very closely.

The Business Challenge

The client’s business-critical SaaS application was running on on-premises servers, requiring separate management of the server hardware and the software. This was hindering both the scalability and availability of the application and increased maintenance efforts.

Msrcosmos’ Approach & Solution

The client consulted MSRCosmos to help migrate its on-premises application workloads to the fully managed Microsoft Azure cloud platform. MSR’s team conducted several application upgrades and transformations to make it migration-ready, post which it was moved to Azure’s managed platform.

During migration MSRCosmos reviewed the source code, transforming it to take maximum advantage of the cloud platform (i.e., replacing the on-premises message queueing system with the high throughput Azure Service Bus). MSR’s team worked with the client’s IT team to optimize database performance for scalability. MSR built out a multi-regional fail-safe highly available architecture, which now allows the application to use the global distribution of Microsoft Azure data centers, where the application is present in several different data centers across the globe.  Constant monitoring tools were also provided as support for instances of unavailability of database or application failure so that business operations could continue as normal with the reserve systems.

Benefits Delivered

The migration of on-premises business-critical SaaS applications to Microsoft Azure resulted in the following

  • Cut server maintenance efforts and costs to half.
  • In the event of a disaster maintain business as usual with the help of reserve systems.
  • Azure managed platform ensured full system availability and operating system updates.
  • The ability to scale easily, as and when needed.

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