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Let MSRCosmos provide the strategic compass with real-world cloud technology expertise

Implementing ERP is a strategic business initiative first, not an IT project or a software package. The ERP package typically contains 10 to 25 modules touching every aspect of the business, from the supply chain to the shop floor, from HR to finance, and everything in between. Yet, in the absence of proper leadership, the business teams look to IT to “just make it work.”

We employ not only the best frameworks and methodologies but also the best-practices in order to meet all the software integration requirements.


Our Approach to Systems Integration

  • We start with business objectives and the envisioned outcomes.
  • We work to articulate and execute on the best direction for a cost-effective build-out of the platform and deployment model (Public, Private or Hybrid) for optimal data and solution integration.
  • We define and re-engineer your business processes and of integration all modules – from the supply chain to the shop floor, from HR to account payables and everything in between.
  • We integrate all of these moving parts with each other and your existing infrastructure, legacy apps and data.

Not all cloud platforms are created equal

Get the fastest technical and functional capabilities that combine performance with reduced support costs, elimination of process redundancies, and risk assessment. We help map the journey from the current-state to the what-we-need state. Incorporate design, project schedules, resource planning, and execution details.


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